SMH Meaning: What Does SMH Mean? (with Useful Text Conversations)

What does SMH mean? Learn the definition and how to use the internet slang word “SMH” with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

SMH Meaning

What Does SMH Mean?

SMH stands for “shaking my head”.

Shaking my head is a slang that is used to show how incredibly unbelievable something is because it is so silly and thoughtless. Just as you shake your head when you find that someone has done or said the unthinkable, this slang means that what someone has said or done is so incredibly unexpected that you don’t even have the words for it.

Similar Internet Slang Words

Scratching my head and SMFH (a profane form of the slang SMH)

Other Meanings

This internet slang can have other varied meanings, based on the context. For instance, when someone says something horrible about someone without any basis, someone can write SMH to mean “so much hate.” It can also be used to express partial agreement to a statement, as in “somehow.”

Who Use “Shaking My Head”

Generally, people who are regularly on social media or other online texting platforms often use this word. So, you will come across it on Facebook, Twitter and other places on the web, and from people of all ages.

Conversation Examples

  • Tim: Once my sister gets a baby, I don’t know if I will be an aunt or an uncle.
  • Tim’s Friend: Smh.

Other Meanings of SMH

  • Small Mammal House
  • Smelling My Head
  • Shoot My Horse
  • Scratching My Head
  • Sound Mental Health
  • Seattle Mental Health
  • System Management Homepage
  • Simply Modular Housing
  • Strong Memorial Hospital
  • Smack My Head

SMH Meaning Infographic

SMH: What Does SMH Mean? Useful Text ConversationsPin

Other Ways to Say SMH

“Shaking my head” Synonyms List

  • Unspeakable
  • Hopelessly
  • Indescribable
  • Awful/ terrible
  • Speechless
  • Lost for words
  • At a loss for words
  • Unable to get a word out
  • Dumbstruck
  • Inarticulate
  • Voiceless

SMH Synonyms with Examples

  • Unspeakable 

I hate to think of all the vile unspeakable things he did.

  • Hopelessly 
She never gets anywhere on time. She’s hopelessly disorganized.
  • Indescribable

Why are oneself always met is indescribable mood bad?

  • Awful / terrible

I’ve had a really awful /terrible haircut.

  • Speechless

The news left us all speechless.

  • Lost for words

For once in her life, she was lost for words.

  • At a loss for words

 I’m at a loss for words.

  • Unable to get a word out

She was shocked and unable to get a word out.

  • Dumbstruck

She sat up in the bed, dumbstruck, her face aglow as if lit from the inside.

  • Inarticulate

She was inarticulate with astonishment.

  • Voiceless

The vast majority of our people feel ignored and voiceless.

Another Meaning of SMH

SMH also means scratching my head.

Scratching my head is a slang that is used when someone says or does something unexpected, often disappointing or silly. This slang is used to show that what has been said is so incredibly stupid or silly that only the actual act of scratching your head would better explain the full magnitude of this because words cannot.

This slang is quite common, and most people know what it means based on its extensive use on social media and memes. So, you will find this word being used on Facebook, Twitter and even on YouTube. Although this word and many others like it are more common among the younger generations, SMH is also generally used by all people who regularly get on social media.

Conversation Examples

  • Jim: Dude, why didn’t you call me last night? I found your phone after you left.
  • John: How was supposed to call you if you had my phone? Smh.
  • Me: I woke up early in order to get to work on time. But my car broke down along the way and I ended up being late again anyway. Smh.

Other Useful Internet Slang Words

  • TBA: To Be Announced
  • SYS: See You Soon
  • STBY: Sucks To Be You
  • TMI: Too Much Information
  • TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read
  • TIL: Today I Learned
  • TIA: Thanks in Advance
  • TFTI: Thanks For The Invite
  • TBT: Truth Be Told
  • TYVM: Thank You Very Much
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
  • TMI: Too Much Information

SMH: What Does SMH Mean? Useful Text ConversationsPin



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