Snatched Meaning: What Does the Useful Term ‘Snatched’ Mean in Online Slang?

What does Snatched mean? What is the definition of this slang word? Learn how and when to use this internet term with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

Snatched Meaning

What Does Snatched Mean?

  • Verbal Adjective.: Fierce, attractive
  • Adjective: Fashionable, in style
  • Adjective: Looking good
  • Think of on point, or on fleek.


The word snatched a plethora amount of meanings. The most recent slang connotation has been used in the black drag community long before it became recognized in the mainstream. The current slang translation for snatched became popularized in 2016, replacing other slang terms such as on fleek and on point that fell off the popularity train.

Example Sentences

  1. Girl that show snatched my wig.

The break down in the above sentence is simply stating that it was so over the top, it took her head off.

  1. Ooh, girl! Where’d you get your outfit? That fit is snatched!

This sentence is saying that her outfit looks so good.

  1. Girl have you been working out? Cuz you look snatched!
  2. Dang girl you are all the way snatched! Hair snatched, fit, snatched, makeup snatched! Who you trying to impress?

Other meanings


  1. To quickly grab or take something (with object)
  2. To use hand to unexpectedly reach for something (without object)
  3. Slang- kidnapping, act of kidnapping (n)
  4. Rushed movement of removal


  1. Quick motion to retrieve an object or item
  2. Bits and pieces (as in conversation)
  3. Slang: Vagina

Example sentences:


  1. Kevin was charged with Robbery by sudden snatching, because of how he snatched that girl’s bag off her arm.
  2. Jessica snatched her keys from her boyfriends dresser when they were arguing.
  1. Victoria snatched her hand at her daughter to smack her for talking back.
  2. Did you see that lady’s kid get snatched right out of her back yard
  3. She snatched her head back so quick I thought it was gonna fall off.


  1. Taking my Iphone like that is considered robbery by sudden snatching.
  2. I tried eavesdropping, but I only heard snatches of what she was saying.
  3. Tyrone told me he slept with you and he said you had some good snatch!

Related Terms

  • Snatchable (adjective)
  • Snatcher (noun)
  • Snatchingly (adverb)
  • Outsnatch (verb)
  • On fleek
  • On point
  • Slay

Snatched Meaning Infographic