So As To Meaning: How to Use the Popular Phrase “So As To” Correctly?

One of the most popular idioms you may hear or see used today in everyday conversation and writing is “so as to.” Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and the information about its origin. You will also find examples of how to properly use this phrase in conversations/statements and suggestions about alternative things you can say in its place to convey the same meaning.

So As To

So As To Meaning

The idiomatic phrase “so as to” means in order to perform some kind of action that will have an effect on object or person.

Origin of the idiomatic expression

The origin of the idiom “so as to” is unknown. There is no information available regarding the origin behind this widely used phrase. However, it can be said that in most instances this phrase can just be shortened to the word to. Using this phrase in writing and conversation is considered to be wordy.

“So As To” Examples

Examples in Statements

A statement made by a local politician during his campaign.

  • “I regretfully must withdraw from this campaign so as to take care of my wife who was just recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.”

A statement made on the red carpet by a well-known celebrity.

  • “I needed to take a break from the limelight for a bit so as to find myself again. It worked and now I am back and better than ever!”

Examples in Conversations

A conversation between two friends at school.

  • Friend 1: Are you coming to the party at Jaimie’s tonight?
  • Friend 2: I have to ask my mom first.
  • Friend 1: You know she will say no. Just sneak out!
  • Friend 2: No. You know what happened last time I did that. I need permission from her so as to avoid that situation again.

A conversation between two co-workers in the office.

  • Co-worker 1: I need to clock out early and go home.
  • Co-worker 2: Why? We need you here.
  • Co-worker 1: I need to leave early so as to avoid my wife chopping my head off for being late to my son’s first football game.

Other examples:

  • He read a lot so as to learn about the intellectual history of Europe.
  • They mowed the field so as to provide the cattle with fodder.
  • They must reduce the books price so as to bring them within the reach of all students.
  • Let us discipline ourselves so as to help feed a hungry world.
  • Please address your letters properly so as to reduce delays.
  • I always keep fruit in the fridge so as to keep insects off it.

Other Ways to Say “So As To”

As with most idiomatic phrases, “so as to” can be said alternatively in several different ways while still conveying the same meaning. Some of these alternative suggestions include:

  • In order to
  • So that
  • As a means to
  • With the purpose of

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