STH Meaning: What Does STH Stand for? with Useful Examples

STH Meaning! It seems like new words are appearing all the time. It’s so hard to keep up. Especially when they’re just a bunch of letters or numbers. How are we seriously supposed to know what some of these things even mean? With guides like this, of course. We want you to keep up to date with text talk like “sth”.

STH Meaning

What Does STH Mean?

When you first see this acronym, you may start trying to figure out what three words the letters stand for. But that’s not how you figure this word out. It’s an abbreviation for “something”. I honestly have no clue how it makes any logical sense to have these three specific letters representing the word “something” but it is what it is.

Other meanings of “STH”

Although the primary meaning of “STH” is going to mean something, there are a few other lesser meanings floating around. You’ll be able to use contextual clues from your conversation to determine if one of these other means is more plausible.

  • Something hot
  • Smashed the homies
  • Sorry to hear
  • Straight to Hell

Similar Slang of “STH”

There are quite a few similar terms for “sth” or “something”. Some of them might make more sense than others, at least to an old person like me. Your younger generations may prefer some of hte more informal spellings.

  • S’n’n
  • Sumthn
  • Somethin
  • StH
  • SMTH
  • STHG
  • Sumfin
  • Summat

Conversation Examples

Example using “STH” as “something”

  • Billy: Yo. You got plans 2nite
  • Lacie: nope
  • Billy: wanna hit the club or sth
  • Lacie: nah not in the mood
  • Billy: dinner and a flick
  • Lacie: sounds better
  • Billy: i’ll pick you up at 8
  • Lacie: 9. I get off late
  • Billy: aight. Ttyl
  • Lacie: ily
  • Billy: ly2


In this conversation example, Billy is texting his girlfriend to make plans for their night. He uses “sth” to signify that he’s open to doing “something” other than going to the club. Lacie responds with a rejection, which props Billy to come up with an alternate idea, which Lacie accepts.

As you can see, “sth” is used in casual conversation and would not be appropriate in a formal situation. You can use it between partners, friends, and family. If you plan to use this slang with your co-workers, it should be used in informal communication such as a text or private email. Never as an official response to a co-worker’s professional tone of voice.

STH Meaning Infographic

STH Meaning: What Does STH Stand for? with Useful ExamplesPin

Last Updated on March 20, 2020

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