“Sub” Meaning | What Does This Term Mean And Stand For?

What does “sub” mean? If you have traveled in certain circles on the internet, then chances are you have encountered this term a time or two on the internet when viewing certain sites. If you have seen or heard this phrase being used and were wondering what it most commonly means, then you have landed on the right page to satisfy your curiosity. Here you will find out what this phrase means, see the information regarding its origin, and view some alternative meanings of the term. You will also be able to read through some example conversations as a way to help you better understand the term from seeing it used in context. Lastly, you will see some words or phrases that mean the same thing as the original term and that you can use to replace it in conversation without changing the meaning.

“Sub” Meaning

What Does “Sub” Mean?

This abbreviated term is used most commonly to represent the word “submissive.” This is a term used most commonly in the BDSM community to distinguish the person in a consensual relationship that is loyal and subservient to her/his dominant, or master.

Origin of “Sub”

In this case, this term is used in the prefix meaning of the term to mean under or below something. It is derived from the Middle English, more specifically Latin, where the term means under, below, from below, or secretly. There is no specific information regarding the time frame that this term was first used or recorded in the sense of the meaning mentioned above.

Other Meanings

The term can also be used as an abbreviated term for a “submarine sandwich” which is a cold or hot sandwich with meat, cheese and condiments on it typically prepared by a deli. The term can also be a way to represent the word “substitute” by abbreviation meanings “someone or something that is used in place of someone or something else.”

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Would you consider yourself to be a sub?
  • Friend 2: You mean in the bedroom?
  • Friend 1: Yes, why do you ask?
  • Friend 2: I was just curious because I am too and Mariah and I were trying to decide if you were. She said you probably weren’t since it seems like you always like to be in control.

An online conversation between two forum users.

  • User 1: I think it is demeaning for a woman to give up all her power to a man and call herself his sub.
  • User 2: Well then you do not fully understand the relationship between a dom and his sub. It has little to do with power and if you truly understood the relationship fully, you would realize the submissive has all the power.

Synonyms of “Sub”

There are several other words or phrases that you can use in place of this term in conversation that would bear the same meaning. Some of the other words or phrases you could use include:

  • subservient
  • compliant
  • yielding

“Sub” Meaning Infographic

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Last Updated on April 10, 2023

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