Another Word for “Such As” | List of “Such As” Synonyms with Examples

What is another word for “such as”? Often, you would find yourself using certain words or phrases more than twice. This can be frustrating when you reread your work. Anyone ever tried repeating a word would know precisely how that word starts to lose its meaning temporarily (Fun fact, this phenomenon is called “semantic satiation”). Moreover, utilizing synonyms has much more significant benefits to offer. You’ll safely steer yourself off the plain and repetitive path and engage in less dull, more captivating texts. That is, your writing will be more enjoyable, comprehensible, and lively. The author will also learn a lot and expand their vocabulary.

Nonetheless, synonyms aren’t always interchangeable and, thus, require a deep understanding of their meanings with each circumstance. In this article, we’ll be looking at the word “such as,” its alternatives, and their appropriate usages.

Such as Synonyms

“Such as” Definition

The most common way to use “such as” is to give examples of what you’re saying.

Remove the stalk from leafy vegetables such as sorrel, spinach, and silverbeet.

When applied to give examples, the phrase should be followed by more than one nouns. No one would be satisfied with just one example.

Similarly, the phrase “such as” can be used to categorize the subject. In this case, the item is understood as anything that resembles the one following.

A country such as Brazil usually features large areas of tropical forest.

From this example, we can tell the subject here can be any country that is similar to Brazil in a certain way. Note that this usage allows a single noun after “such as.”

Another Word for “Such As”

Like, Including, Namely, For example, For instance, etc.

When one tries giving examples, these words would definitely pop right into their mind. Mind you, these are only a few common words and phrases. The actual list, on the other hand, could go on.

What should be taken into consideration is that these words and phrases are interchangeable with “such as” in most situations. The term “like” is usually considered less formal, though it can be freely used within scholarly contexts.

Painters like Monet, who were concerned with capturing the evanescent impressions of light, were dubbed Impressionists.

When using to specify the subject as of the kind mentioned (i.e.2), “including” might not be as strong but still retain the meaning. “Including” should also be applied to put stress on one of the examples given.

Three other people, including Higginson, deny aiding and abetting corruption.

“Such as” must be used as part of the subject or object. Despite that, “for example” and “for instance” can be used with neither.

There are many unique cities that I can recommend visiting. For example, Barcelona, New Orleans, and Rio de Janeiro.

Those who

This is an old and informal way to replace “such as.” However, we can all see that there’s a limitation on how we can use it.

Devotional help for those who have been assisted by the North Hampshire Preservative Society.

The other way around is somewhat dated and not as widely used. It is more formal, nonetheless.

Devotional help for such as have been assisted by the North Hampshire Preservative Society.


“i.e.” and “e.g.” are two typically used abbreviations when it comes to giving examples. Though their meanings relate more closely to “for example,” they can replace “such as” in most circumstances.

These students had studied different types of angles, e.g., acute, straight, and obtuse angles, and discussed the notion of adjacent angles.

To put it another way

This includes phrases like “that is,” “that is to say,” “in other words,” and “to be specific.” These should be used when you want to give a bit more clarification.

He spent a lot of his life philandering, that is to say, cheating on my mom, making her insanely miserable.

Another Word for “Such As” with Examples


  • Look for something that can act as a shield, like a dustbin lid.


  • We had various problems on our journey, including a puncture.

For example

  • Another type of aggressive child, for example, is highly reactive to sensations.

Those who

  • In this world, there is always danger for those who are afraid of it.


  • One group of people seems to be forgotten, namely pensioners.

For instance

  • You cannot rely on her; for instance, she arrived an hour late for an important meeting yesterday.


  • Please inform us of your travel plans, i.e. arrival time, carrier, etc.


  • Does the patient receive any services, e.g. district nurse; home help?

That is

  • We hope to grow old, yet we fear old age; that is, we are willing to live and afraid to die.

That is to say

  • He was found innocent in the court, that is to say, the court could not convict him legally.

In other words

  • The policy, in other words, was containment, not rollback.

To be specific

  • To be specific I do system analysis troubleshooting and provide software support.

As an illustration

  • Let us take, as an illustration, the boundaries of bureaucracy.


  • The sea is very beautiful, especially when the sunshine overshines it.


So there you have it, three most common ways to alternate saying “such as” and one slightly out-dated phrase. Learning different vocab and expanding your vocabulary can be exciting and give you tools to “play” with your writing. So, take our guide and practice with care until you can find that joy in your creative works.

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