Suck It Meaning: What Is the Definition of the Idiomatic Phrase “Suck It”?

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

The phrase “suck it” doesn’t mean that someone is literally telling you to suck anything. It is an idiom or figure of speech and means something different entirely. If you found your way here because you heard or saw this phrase and are pondering what it means, then you have come to the right place. You will not only find the meaning of this phrase here, but you will also find the origin of the phrase and some example sentences and conversations. These will help you further understand the concept of the phrase by seeing it used correctly in context. Finally, you will find some alternative ways to say “suck it” in conversation.

Suck It

Suck It Meaning

The idiomatic phrase “suck it” is considered a vulgar expression that you tell someone who you are extremely upset or angry with. You could also use this expression to rub something in someone’s face, for instance, something they didn’t think you could do. Once it is accomplished, you could use this term as an expression to say “even though you thought I couldn’t, look I just did it anyway.”

Origin of this idiomatic phrase

The idiom “suck it” originated in the 1990s in the world of professional wrestling. Although the WWE/F faction known as Degeneration-X, or just DX to wrestling fans, is often given credit for the origin of the phrase “suck it” and the hand chop to the crotch area that often accompanied it, the action and the phrase existed prior. The phrase “suck it” was first used by the faction nWo who was a team of wrestlers who paired together and wrestled for the main competition of the WWE/F called WCW.

“Suck It” Examples

Example Sentences

  • Brandon told Tiffany to suck it after she said there was no way he could do 100 push-ups and he did it.
  • People who think global warming is a myth and that the world is flat can just suck it.

Example Conversations

A discussion between two brothers.

  • Brother 1: And if you aren’t down with that, I got two words for ya!
  • Brother 2: Suck it!
  • Brother 1: Darn, I miss Degeneration X and their antics.
  • Brother 2: Me too! Wrestling is so boring now.

A discussion between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: I just want to tell the manager to suck it!
  • Co-worker 2: I don’t think that would be in your best interest.
  • Co-worker 1: Probably not, but it would make me feel better.

Alternatives to “Suck It”

There are some ways you can say “suck it” in other, more colorful, ways. Some of them include:

  • F#$k off
  • Kiss my a$$

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