ATTRACTIVE Synonyms: 10 Synonyms for Attractive in English 1

ATTRACTIVE Synonyms: 10 Synonyms for Attractive in English

Synonyms for Attractive! The list below provides alternative ways to say ATTRACTIVE in English with ESL printable worksheets and examples. Learn theses attractive synonyms to increase your vocabulary words in English.


Attractive Definition and Examples

Meaning of attractive: The ability to arouse charm by appearance or action. It is a quality that applies to people and things.


  • “The new model that the company just released is highly attractive and has caught the interest of the younger crowd.”
  • “Good looks are not necessary if one wishes to be attractive, it is about charisma, charm, and poise.”
  • Chairs should be visually attractive as well as comfortable.

List of Synonyms for Attractive

  • Beautiful
  • Cute
  • Lovely
  • Stunning
  • Gorgeous
  • Good-looking
  • Handsome
  • Pretty
  • Alluring
  • Glamorous

Attractive Synonyms with Examples

List of attractive synonyms in English with example sentences.


  • Example: She has a beautiful voice.


  • Example: The baby’s really cute.


  • Example: Such a lovely house!


  • Example: Mary looks absolutely stunning.


  • Example: She looks gorgeous.


  • Example: He is a good-looking man.


  • Example: She is falling in love with a handsome guy.


  • Example: You should become a pretty woman.



  • Example: She led an exciting and glamorous life.

More interesting examples with the word “attractive”

  • He surrounds himself with attractive, intelligent, or well-known people.
  • Chairs should be visually attractive as well as comfortable.
  • Making easy money has always been an attractive proposition.
  • Tony hobnobbed with an attractive widow when he lived in Metz.
  • Attractive packaging can help to sell products.
  • They wanted to design a machine that was both attractive and practical.
  • Some people go to great lengths to make their homes attractive.
  • The deal fell through when the author received a more attractive offer.
  • The creamy white flowers are attractive in the spring.
  •  I never bought into this idea that you have to be thin to be attractive.

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Synonyms for Attractive

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