Another Word for “Far Away” | List of 20+ Synonyms for “Far Away”

Far away Synonym! Are you searching for other ways to say far away? Following is a useful list of far away synonyms with examples. Learn these synonyms for far away to improve your English.

Far away Synonym

Far away Definition and Examples

Meaning of Far away: Something or someone that is of great distance from another thing or another person.


  • “New York is far away from San Francisco, it is almost three thousand miles or a week’s travel by car.”
  • “The shop isn’t very far away from here. If we hurry we should be able to be back by before dinner.”
  • “It is easy to dismiss terrorist bombings in far away countries as being unimportant to us.”

List of Synonyms for Far away

Commonly used synonyms for “far away”.

  • Distant
  • Remote
  • Isolated
  • In the middle of nowhere
  • Off the beaten track
  • In the boondocks
  • Secluded

List of 20+ different words to use instead of “far away”.

  • Distant
  • Extreme
  • Faraway
  • Far-flung
  • Far-off
  • Farther
  • Farthest
  • Further
  • Furthest
  • In the boondocks
  • In the middle of nowhere
  • Inaccessible
  • Isolated
  • Long-way-off
  • Off the beaten track
  • Outer
  • Outermost
  • Outlying
  • Out-of-the-way
  • Peripheral
  • Remote
  • Removed
  • Secluded

FAR AWAY Synonyms with Examples

  • Distant

For example: The airport was about 30 kilometres distant.

  • Remote

For example: The farmhouse is remote from any other buildings.

  • Isolated

For example: The town was isolated by the floods.

  • In the middle of nowhere

For example: He lives in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere.

  • Off the beaten track

For example: The farmhouse we stayed in was completely off the beaten track.

  • In the boondocks

For example: He lives way out in the boondocks.

  • Secluded

For example: We sailed into a beautiful, secluded bay.

More interesting examples with the word “far away”

  • “They were obviously on their way into town for the day from somewhere far away.”
  • “They seem so remote, although in reality civilisation is never very far away.”
  • “While he was disoriented, I wrested the gun from his grasp and threw it far away.”
  • “Children from far away cities came here for summer camps to breathe the sea air and eat fresh fish.”

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