35 Synonyms for Far Away with Examples | Another Word for Far Away

In English, the concept of “far away” can be expressed in a multitude of ways, each carrying its own unique connotations and shades of meaning. This article delves into the rich tapestry of synonyms for “far away” in the English language, uncovering the diverse array of words and phrases that capture the essence of distance and remoteness. By delving into these synonyms, we gain a deeper understanding of how language reflects our perception of space and the world around us. Join us on this linguistic journey as we unravel the various ways in which English encapsulates the notion of distance.

Far away Synonyms

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What Is ‘Far Away’?

Far Away” describes something that is a considerable distance from the point of reference. It can refer to physical distances between objects or metaphorically to suggest emotional or conceptual separation.

For examples:

  • The mountains loomed far away on the horizon, their peaks shrouded in mist.
  • The sound of the train whistle echoed from far away, signaling its approach.
  • The old lighthouse stood on a rocky promontory, guiding ships from far away.
  • Her thoughts drifted far away, lost in the memories of distant lands.
  • The city lights glittered far away, creating a mesmerizing spectacle against the night sky.

List of Synonyms for Far Away

  • Distant
  • Remote
  • Far-off
  • Faraway
  • Outlying
  • Removed
  • Secluded
  • Isolated
  • Inaccessible
  • Off the beaten path
  • Far-flung
  • Off the grid
  • Out of reach
  • Beyond
  • Unreachable
  • Long-distance
  • Away
  • Absent
  • Withdrawn
  • Aloof
  • Far-removed
  • Beyond the horizon
  • Beyond the pale
  • Out of the way
  • Out of the picture
  • Far removed
  • Out of sight
  • Off the radar
  • Off the map
  • Out of range
  • Out of touch
  • Out of earshot
  • Out of the loop
  • Out of the question
  • Out of the running

Types of Synonyms for Far Away


  • Distant
  • Remote
  • Far-off
  • Far-flung
  • Removed


  • Remote
  • Distant
  • Far-flung
  • Outlying
  • Far-removed


  • Long-drawn-out
  • Prolonged
  • Extended
  • Enduring
  • Lengthy


  • Detached
  • Aloof
  • Out of reach

Common Synonyms for Far Away

When you’re looking to express the concept of being at a great distance, there are several synonyms you can choose from. Depending on the context, these words can convey slight nuances in meaning or simply provide variety in your language.

Far Away vs. Distant

Distant not only implies being far away in space but can also suggest emotional detachment or the passage of time. You might describe a place as distant if it’s geographically remote, or refer to time as distant if it’s decades or centuries ago.

  • Physical Distance: The distant island took hours to reach by boat.
  • Temporal Distance: The traditions of the distant past fascinate historians.

Far Away vs. Remote

Remote carries a connotation of isolation and inaccessibility. When you use remote, you emphasize that the location is not only far away but also separate from frequently traveled areas.

  • Isolation: A remote village in the mountains is cut off during the winter.
  • Inaccessibility: She works from a remote location, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Far Away vs. Far

Far is a more general term and can be used to describe a broad range of distances, without the nuanced meanings that other synonyms may carry. It’s a versatile word that works in many contexts where distance is the primary focus.

  • General Usage: He moved far from his hometown.
  • Comparative Distance: Mars is far, but the stars are even farther.

Far Away vs. Outlying

Outlying is often used to describe areas that are on the edges or at the boundaries of a certain region. It implies that the location is beyond the main or central areas.

  • Peripheral Location: Outlying districts of the city are developing rapidly.
  • Marginal Position: The outlying islands are part of the country’s territory, but have their own local regulations.

Synonyms for Far Away in Different Contexts

In Everyday Language

  • Distant: The distant mountains appeared hazy in the early morning light.
  • Remote: The remote village was nestled deep in the forest, far from any major city.
  • Far off: The ship was barely visible on the far-off horizon.
  • Afar: From afar, the ancient castle looked like a silhouette against the setting sun.
  • Outlying: The outlying farms were more susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

In Science and Technology

Astronomy and Space Exploration:

  • Remote: Used to describe celestial bodies or galaxies that are beyond our immediate vicinity.
  • Distant: Often refers to stars or planets that are far from the Earth.
  • Outlying: Can be applied to regions of space that are at the edges of known areas, like the outlying areas of the Milky Way.

Physics and Quantum Mechanics:

  • Displaced: In physics, this term may describe particles that exist at great spatial separation.
  • Removed: Used to express a significant distance between two objects or points in space-time.

Computer Science and Telecommunications:

  • Offsite: Data or servers located in a different geographic location.
  • Long-range: Communication or devices capable of operating over large distances.

Absolute and Near Synonyms for Far Away

Absolute Synonyms for Far Away

Synonym Example
Distant The mountain range was distant, looming on the horizon.
Remote The village was remote, nestled deep in the forest.

Near Synonyms for Far Away

Synonym Meaning
Far-off At a considerable distance
Faraway Located at a great distance
Outlying Situated far from the center
Removed Distant in location or time
Secluded Hidden or isolated
Isolated Remote or separated from others
Inaccessible Not easily reached or approached
Off the beaten path Far from the usual route or location

Frequently Asked Questions

What are alternative expressions to ‘far away’?

You can use terms like “remote,” “distant,” or “out of reach” as alternatives to ‘far away’ when describing something that is located at a significant distance from a point of reference.

What are professional terms that mean the same as ‘far away’?

Professionally, you might refer to something as being “far-flung” or “in the distance” to convey the concept of ‘far away.’ These terms are often used in formal writing and presentations.

How else can ‘far distance’ be described in English?

To describe ‘far distance’ in English, phrases such as “a great distance” or “miles away” effectively communicate the idea of a considerable separation between two points.

Which words or phrases can replace ‘far-off’ in a sentence?

Words like “remote,” “isolated,” or the phrase “a stone’s throw away” can serve as replacements for ‘far-off.’ Each carries a nuance suitable for different contexts.

What are some casual expressions used to describe something that’s ‘far away’?

Casually, you might say “a hop, skip, and a jump away” or simply “ways off” to describe that something is ‘far away’ without being too formal.