SAD Synonyms: List of 100 Synonyms for SAD in English 1

SAD Synonyms: List of 100 Synonyms for SAD in English

Synonyms for SAD!!! Here is a list of sad synonyms that are commonly used in English. Learn these words to use instead of SAD with example sentences to increase your English vocabulary.

Sad Synonym

Sad Definition and Examples

Meaning of Sad: An unhappy emotion that someone can feel in the wake of a negative event, real or perceived. It describes the mental state of anguish and is the precursor of depression.


  • “It is easy to feel sad if someone you love does not care about your feelings”
  • “The ability to be happy, and not sad is rooted deeply in the ability to focus on the good in life.”
  • ” Happiness is time precipitation, smile is the lonely sad.”

List of Synonyms for Sad

Often-used synonyms for the word “sad”.

  • Blue
  • Cheerless
  • Dejected
  • Depressed
  • Desperate
  • Discouraged
  • Disgusted
  • Downcast
  • Frustrated
  • Gloomy
  • Hateful
  • Heartbroken
  • Heavy
  • Miserable
  • Mournful
  • Sombre
  • Sorrowful
  • Tearful
  • Unhappy
  • Upset
  • Weepy
  • Wretched
  • Woeful
  • Forlorn
  • Melancholy

List of 100 different words to use instead of “sad”.

  1. Aggrieved
  2. Appalling
  3. Bad
  4. Bitter
  5. Bleak
  6. Cheerless
  7. Crestfallen
  8. Cruel
  9. Dark
  10. Dejected
  11. Deplorable
  12. Depressed
  13. Depressing
  14. Desolate
  15. Despondent
  16. Difficult
  17. Dire
  18. Disastrous
  19. Disconsolate
  20. Disheartened
  21. Disheartening
  22. Dismal
  23. Dispirited
  24. Dispiriting
  25. Distressed
  26. Distressing
  27. Disturbing
  28. Doleful
  29. Dolorous
  30. Down
  31. Downcast
  32. Downhearted
  33. Dreary
  34. Forlorn
  35. Funereal
  36. Gloomy
  37. Glum
  38. Grave
  39. Grieved
  40. Grievous
  41. Grim
  42. Heartbreaking
  43. Heartbroken
  44. Heartrending
  45. Heartsick
  46. Inconsolable
  47. Joyless
  48. Lachrymose
  49. Lamentable
  50. Leaden
  51. Low
  52. Low-spirited
  53. Lugubrious
  54. Melancholic
  55. Melancholy
  56. Miserable
  57. Moody
  58. Morbid
  59. Morose
  60. Mournful
  61. Moving
  62. Nasty
  63. Oppressive
  64. Painful
  65. Pathetic
  66. Pessimistic
  67. Pitiable
  68. Pitiful
  69. Plaintive
  70. Poignant
  71. Ponderous
  72. Poor
  73. Profound
  74. Regrettable
  75. Rough
  76. Sensitive
  77. Serious
  78. Severe
  79. Shabby
  80. Sluggish
  81. Somber
  82. Sombre
  83. Sore
  84. Sorrowful
  85. Sorry
  86. Taxing
  87. Tearful
  88. Tough
  89. Tragic
  90. Troubled
  91. Unbearable
  92. Unfortunate
  93. Unhappy
  94. Upset
  95. Upsetting
  96. Weighty
  97. Wistful
  98. Woebegone
  99. Woeful
  100. Wretched

Sad Synonyms with Examples

  • Blue

For example: He’d been feeling blue all week.

  • Cheerless

For example: This is a cold, cheerless place.

  • Dejected

For example: She looked so dejected when she lost the game.

  • Depressed

For example: She felt very depressed about the future.

  • Desperate

For example: The prisoners grew increasingly desperate.

  • Discouraged

For example: Learners can feel very discouraged if an exercise is too difficult.

  • Disgusted

For example: I am completely disgusted at you.

  • Downcast

For example: She kept her eyes slightly downcast to avoid looking into their faces.

  • Frustrated

For example: His apathy just made her even more frustrated.

  • Gloomy

For example: We sat in gloomy silence.

  • Hateful

For example: I tried to ignore her hateful words.

  • Heartbroken

For example: He was heartbroken when she left him.

  • Heavy

For example: It got very heavy when they shouted at me.

  • Miserable

For example: We were cold, wet and thoroughly miserable.

  • Mournful

For example: I couldn’t bear the mournful look on her face.

  • Sombre

For example: Paul was in a sombre mood.

  • Sorrowful

For example: She always look at me with sorrowful eyes.

  • Tearful

For example: She made a tearful phone call to her family.

  • Unhappy

For example: I hate to see you unhappy.

  • Upset

For example: This decision is likely to upset a lot of people.

  • Weepy

For example: She was feeling tired and weepy.

  • Wretched

For example: I felt wretched about the way things had turned out.

  • Woeful

For example: He has a woeful face.

  • Forlorn

For example: Privately, both of us nursed a forlorn hope.

  • Melancholy

For example: The music suited her melancholy mood.

More interesting examples with the word “sad”

  • “He wept when he heard the sad news.”
  • “When a close friend dies, we can’t help but feel sad.”
  • “Never frown,even when you are sad,because you never kown who is falling in love with your smile.”
  • “I really don’t know whether to be happy or sad here today.”
  • “It’s sad to see her moping about the house like this. What’s the matter with her?”
  • ” My grandmother was becoming more and more sad and frail as the years went by.”
  • “It is sad to see a county confine its activities to undignified public bickering.”
  • ” A person quiet a person cry movie clips, the whole world is sad.”
  • “I am not how free and easy, nor is it how sad, I’m just used to silence.”

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Synonyms for SAD!!! Here is a list of sad synonyms that are commonly used in English. Learn these words to use instead of SAD with example sentences to increase your English vocabulary. 

SAD Synonyms: 25 Synonyms for SAD in English

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