SOMETIMES Synonyms: List of Synonyms for SOMETIMES 1

SOMETIMES Synonyms: List of Synonyms for SOMETIMES

SOMETIMES Synonyms!!! Here is a useful list of synonyms for SOMETIMES you should learn to broaden your English vocabulary.


Synonyms for Sometimes

  • Occasionally/ On occasion
  • At times
  • From time to time
  • Now and then
  • Every so often
  • Off and on
  • Once in a while

SOMETIMES Synonyms with Examples

Learn other ways to say sometimes with example sentences.

Occasionally/ On occasion

For example: We occasionally meet for a drink after work.

At times

For example: The rain will become heavy at times in the afternoon.

From time to time

For example: She has to work on weekends from time to time.

Now and then

For example: Every now and then she checked to see if he was still asleep.

Every so often

For example: Every so often I heard a strange noise outside.

Off and on

For example: It rained off and on all day.

Once in a while

For example: Everybody makes a mistake once in a while.

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Synonyms for SOMETIMES

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