25+ Synonyms for “Sometimes” with Examples | Another Word for “Sometimes”

In your exploration of the English language, you may find the need to vary your vocabulary when expressing the frequency of events or actions. ‘Sometimes’ is an adverb used to indicate that something happens on certain occasions, but not always. This single word carries with it a sense of variability and lacks the precision of numerical frequency, making it a versatile and commonly used term in both spoken and written English.

Sometimes Synonyms

Another Word for “Sometimes” | List of 80+ Synonyms for "Sometimes"

Sometimes Meaning

“Sometimes” is an adverb meaning on certain occasions or intermittently, rather than constantly.


  • We sometimes gather at the park for a picnic on sunny weekends.
  • He sometimes forgets to water the plants, but he tries his best to keep them healthy.
  • They sometimes encounter unexpected delays during their travels, but it adds to the adventure.

List of Synonyms for Sometimes

  • Occasionally
  • Periodically
  • Sporadically
  • Infrequently
  • Intermittently
  • Irregularly
  • At times
  • Now and then
  • Every so often
  • On occasion
  • From time to time
  • Every now and then
  • Off and on
  • Every once in a while
  • On and off
  • Every now and again
  • Once in a while
  • At random
  • Here and there
  • At irregular intervals
  • Every few weeks
  • At intervals
  • Once in a blue moon
  • Now and again
  • Not often
  • On rare occasions

Types of Synonyms for Sometimes

Infrequent Use

  • Once in a blue moon
  • Sporadically

Moderate Frequency

  • Periodically
  • Every so often

Frequent Use

  • On and off
  • Now and again

Common Synonyms for Sometimes

Sometimes vs. Occasionally

  • Sometimes: It refers to events that occur on an irregular basis, without a specific pattern. “I sometimes go for a run in the morning.”
  • Occasionally: It also denotes events that happen infrequently, but it implies a slightly higher frequency than “sometimes.” “She occasionally treats herself to a spa day.”

Sometimes vs. Intermittently

  • Sometimes: It signifies events that happen irregularly or infrequently. “I sometimes indulge in a slice of cake.”
  • Intermittently: This word also indicates events that occur at irregular intervals, but it emphasizes the start-and-stop nature of the occurrence. “The old radio signal came through intermittently due to the bad weather.”

Sometimes vs. Now and Then

  • Sometimes: It denotes events that happen infrequently or irregularly. “I sometimes visit my hometown.”
  • Now and Then: This phrase also indicates events that occur infrequently, but it implies a slightly higher frequency than “sometimes.” “They go out for dinner together now and then.”

Sometimes vs. Every so Often

  • Sometimes: Simply indicates that something occurs occasionally without any specific pattern. Sometimes, I forget to reply to emails promptly, especially when I’m busy.”
  • Every so often: Implies a slightly more regular or predictable interval compared to “sometimes.” It suggests that the event or action occurs at fairly regular intervals, even if those intervals are not precisely defined. Every so often, I like to treat myself to a massage, maybe every few months.”

Synonyms for Sometimes in Different Contexts 

In Formal Context

  • At Intervals: The committee meets at intervals throughout the year to review the progress.
  • On Occasion: You may be required to attend social events on occasion as part of your professional duties.

In Everyday Language

  • Once in a while: I go to the cinema once in a while when there’s a film I really want to see.
  • Every now and again: Every now and again, I treat myself to a day off to just relax.
  • Every so often: I check the community bulletin board every so often to stay updated on local events.

In Literature

  • Occasionally: Occasionally, we wander through the pages of our favorite book, finding comfort in its familiarity.
  • Sporadically: The town’s quiet was sporadically broken by the distant rumble of a passing train.

Absolute and Near Synonyms for Sometimes

Absolute Synonyms for Sometimes

Word Meaning
Occasionally Events that happen from time to time, without regularity, similar to “sometimes.”
Periodically Events that recur over time, potentially at regular intervals, embodying the essence of “sometimes” in its sporadic occurrence.

Near Synonyms for Sometimes

Word Meaning
Sporadically Implies occurrences that are scattered or sporadic, suggesting less frequency than “sometimes.”
Intermittently Signifies that something happens with breaks in between; it’s not continuous, indicating more irregularity.
Now and then A casual alternative conveying that something happens on occasion, not often.
At Times Implies that there are moments when an event or situation occurs, aligning closely with “sometimes.”
From Time to Time Much like “sometimes,” this phrase suggests that there is no set pattern to when an event might occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are alternative words that can be used in place of ‘sometimes’?

Alternative words that serve the same purpose as ‘sometimes’ include ‘occasionally,’ ‘periodically,’ and ‘from time to time.’ These can be used interchangeably depending on the context.

What are some similar terms to ‘sometimes’ used in casual language?

In casual language, terms similar to ‘sometimes’ include ‘now and again,’ ‘every so often,’ and ‘every now and then.’

What are common equivalents to the term ‘sometimes’ in English grammar?

Common equivalents in English grammar to ‘sometimes’ are ‘at times,’ ‘sporadically,’ and ‘every once in a while.’

What would be an appropriate synonym for ‘at times’?

An appropriate synonym for ‘at times’ would be ‘on the odd occasion’ or simply ‘sometimes.’ These words are often used to describe events that do not follow a regular pattern.