Another Word for “Sometimes” | List of 80+ Synonyms for “Sometimes”

What is another word for “sometimes”? Here is a useful list of synonyms for “sometimes” you should learn to broaden your English vocabulary.

Sometimes Synonym

Sometimes Definition and Examples

Meaning of Sometimes: Of something that does not happen all the time but instead on a less frequent basis. It can be used to denote reduced frequency or random occurrences.


  • “It would be acceptable to eat out sometimes without going over the budget.”
  • “Sometimes I think that the idea to drive instead of taking a flight is a good idea.”
  • “Sometimes, the perfect person for you is the one you least expect.”

Other Words for “Sometimes”

Commonly used synonyms for “sometimes”. 

  • Occasionally/ On occasion
  • At times
  • From time to time
  • Now and then
  • Every so often
  • Off and on
  • Once in a while

Huge list of 80+ different words to use instead of “sometimes”.

  • Accidentally
  • Alternately
  • Altogether
  • Anon
  • At times
  • Barely
  • Before
  • Betimes
  • Casually
  • Coincidentally
  • Commonly
  • Consistently
  • Double
  • Earlier
  • Early
  • Even
  • Eventually
  • Ever
  • Ever and again
  • Every now and then
  • Every so often
  • Former
  • Formerly
  • Fortuitously
  • Frequently
  • From time to time
  • Generally
  • Good
  • Halfway
  • Historically
  • In the meantime
  • Infrequently
  • Intermittently
  • Irregularly
  • Later
  • Mainly
  • Manifold
  • Meanwhile
  • Newly
  • Normally
  • Now
  • Now and again
  • Now and then
  • Occasionally
  • Off and on
  • Oft
  • Often
  • Oftentimes
  • Oft-times
  • On and off
  • On occasion
  • Once
  • Once in a while
  • Once in awhile
  • Part
  • Partially
  • Partly
  • Partway
  • Periodically
  • Prematurely
  • Previously
  • Rarely
  • Recurrently
  • Regularly
  • Repeatedly
  • Seasonably
  • Seldom
  • Shortly
  • Someday
  • Sometime
  • Soon
  • Speedily
  • Sporadically
  • Then
  • Twice
  • Typically
  • Uncommonly
  • Usually
  • Well
  • When
  • While
  • Widely

“Sometimes” Synonyms with Examples

Learn other ways to say “sometimes” with example sentences.

Occasionally/ On occasion

  • For example: We occasionally meet for a drink after work.

At times

  • For example: The rain will become heavy at times in the afternoon.

From time to time

  • For example: She has to work on weekends from time to time.

Now and then

  • For example: Every now and then she checked to see if he was still asleep.

Every so often

  • For example: Every so often I heard a strange noise outside.

Off and on

  • For example: It rained off and on all day.

Once in a while

  • For example: Everybody makes a mistake once in a while.

More interesting examples with the word “sometimes”

  • “Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.”
  • “My job can be very frustrating sometimes.”
  • “Sometimes silence is not happy, just want to put the heart headroom.”
  • ” Sometimes words cannot express the burden of our heart.”
  • “Sometimes, all we need is a hand to hold and a heart that understands.”
  • “Sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our heads already know.”
  • “Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes, it simply means that you are a strong person.”
  • “Tom admits that playing video games sometimes distracts him from his homework.”
  • “Grandma said that people died is auditory sometimes feel to the imperial power, when if you hear his beloved people cry, then he will go back, a look back on the deal days.”

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