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Flowers Vocabulary | Flowers Names in English

A flower is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. Flowers may facilitate outcrossing or allow selfing. A flower is a special …Read More

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Common Vehicles Vocabulary | Modes of Transportation

Learn common vehicles vocabulary in English. A vehicle is a mobile machine that transports people or cargo. Typical vehicles include wagons, …Read More

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Bicycle Parts Vocabulary | Learn English with Pictures

Learn Bicycle Parts Vocabulary in English. A bicycle, also called a cycle or bike, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having …Read More

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In the Living Room Vocabulary | Names of Living Room Objects

In the Living Room Vocabulary in English. Living room is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing …Read More

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Tables Vocabulary in English | Names of Tables

Learn Tables vocabulary in English. Table is an item of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, …Read More

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In the Bedroom Vocabulary | Names of Bedroom Objects

Bedroom Vocabulary in English. In the bedroom, there are many typical objects, such as air-conditioner, upholstered bench, dressing table, nightstand, …Read More

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Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary in English

Learn names of Fruits and Vegetables through pictures. A fruit is the seed-bearing structure in flowering plants formed from the ovary after …Read More

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Drinks and Beverages Vocabulary in English

Learn Food and Drinks Vocabulary in English Drinks or beverages are liquids intended for human consumption. Beverages consist of different kinds of …Read More

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School Vocabulary in English | Words Related to School

At the school, inside the classroom, there is plenty of vocabulary to learn. In general, school vocabulary includes: School Vocabulary …Read More

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School Subjects Vocabulary in English

Learn School Vocabulary in English School subjects are areas of knowledge that students study at a school or university, such as math, music, art, …Read More

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Medical Supplies and Equipment Vocabulary in English

Learn useful names of medical supplies and equipment in English. We designed medical equipment to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or …Read More

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Illnesses and Treatments in English | At The Doctor’s Vocabulary

Illnesses and Treatments vocabulary in English. Illness is generally used as a synonym for disease. However, this term is occasionally …Read More

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