“TC” Meaning: What Does “TC” Mean and Stand for?

The acronym “TC” can stand for many things, but it represents something a little more commonly online and in text messaging. Here you will find the meaning of this acronym in addition to some alternate meaning and some details about its origin. You will also find some conversation examples to help you discover and understand this term’s correct usage. Finally, you will learn some synonyms for this acronym so you know what words or phrases you can use to replace it without changing its meaning.

“TC” Meaning

What Does “TC” Mean?

This slang acronym is typically used in online k and text messaging to stand for the phrase “take care.” This phrase is often used at the end of a conversation when someone is getting ready to leave. When you say this phrase it is essentially telling them to drive safe and be well until the next time you see them again.

Origin of “TC”

The phrase “take care” has been used since the 1580s as a way to tell someone to take concern or interest in something. It comes from Old Middle English.

Other Meanings of “TC”

Like most acronyms, this acronym can be used to represent many other things as well. In fact, it represents so many other random phrases, titles, etc., that they are just too tie consuming to list every possibility here. However, a few examples of the other things this acronym can represent are “Technical Committee,” “Thread Count,” “Teacher’s College,” “Technical Communication,” and “Testicular Cancer.”

Conversation Examples

A discussion between mother a daughter.

  • Daughter: I just wanted to let you know that we got the dorm room all set up!
  • Mother: That’s great honey! I’m glad to hear you got it all done before the semester actually starts.
  • Daughter: Me too! I’m beat! I’m off to sleep!
  • Mother: Okay, hon! TC and sweet dreams! Kisses!

An online conversation between two players on a video game.

  • Player 1: Thanks for all your help. I have to go now. My mom is calling me for dinner.
  • Player 2: NP! Anytime! I look forward to teaming up with you again. Until then, TC and enjoy dinner!

Synonyms of “TC”

There are several synonymous phrases you can use in place of the phrase most commonly represented by this acronym. Some of the other things you could say instead include:

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