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Are you searching for teen slang terms? Being a teenager means caring about the latest clothing and shoes out on the market, wanting to fit in with peers, and keeping up with appearances to seem cool. With this generation of teenagers, social media plays a big role in contributing to what’s hot and in trend and keeping you informed about what everyone else is doing. With the rise of social media, teenagers are learning about the latest clothing trends, looking at viral and entertaining videos, and coming up with their own unique slang to use to speak with one another.

Teen Slang

What Is Slang?

Slang is a type of language that typically refers to a particular context that is worded in a way that certain groups of people will understand. Every generation has their own type of slang that they have used during their teenage years, and as years pass, the slang evolves to what is currently happening and trending at that time. There are a lot of slang words in the dictionary that many older generations may not be able to understand or comprehend.

Teenagers Need their Own Language

Teenagers typically need their own slang to show independence and individuality. Most young people don’t like being stuck under their parents shadow so they use slang as a way to be their own person and to show that they aren’t necessarily like their parents.

Slang is also used to sound cool and hip. When you use slang with your friends or other young adults, it makes you appear cool and that you are in the know of everything that is currently trending. Another reason slang is needed is to have them fit in with their peers. As human beings, most of us value close knit friendships and relationships, and with that, we alter ourselves to try and fit in and gain more friends.

Popular Teen Slang Terms

Teen Slang with Meanings

Understanding what the kids of today are saying can be quite confusing. Most of the time it’s hard to know whether or not they are actually speaking English. Most teenagers use these slang words in their vocabulary to sound cool, fit in, and create a sense of individuality. Here are some popular teen slang terms you may hear from a teenagers mouth:


Greatest Of All Time


Short for sister, also used to refer to a best friend or bae you are close with


Babe or baby, used to refer to your lover or significant other


Someone who is sexy or hot

It’s the _ for me

Used to refer to something or someone that stand out to you


Being bitter or angry




Looking good, fit, or in style


Hot, trending, amazing, or cool


Trying to get the attention of someone you like or have a crush on


Amazing, cool, or exciting


Used in place of gossip, story, situation, and news


Used to state/ emphasize facts; usually used to end a statement


Showing off


An enthusiastic way of saying “yes”


When you talk or text someone over the phone and all of a sudden they don’t respond for months on end


Finding something funny or hysterical


Private or secret


A group of friends you hang with and are close to


Acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone


Group of friends


Boring, average, and unoriginal

As the days, weeks, and years go by, teen slang changes, so if you find that you can’t keep up with all the new words that seem to be added into the dictionary every day, you can ask a teenager what it all means, keep tabs on social media, or use Google as your resource to find out the definition of these slangs.

Urban Dictionary is a great site to use if you want to search the definition of trendy slang used by teenagers of this generation. Slangit and Chat Slang Dictionary are mobile apps that can be downloaded onto your phone to help you decode certain words and phrases that you may hear a young person say. Popular teen slang is always changing, so if someone uses any slang you are not familiar with, it can help using the internet to guide you.

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Popular Teen Slang Words

Teen Slang