TFM Meaning: What Does the Term “TFM” Mean and Stand for?

The acronym “TFM” is most likely to be heard if you are in college. If you have never heard or seen this term before and just encountered it recently, then you have come to the right place to learn about its meaning. Here you will not only find the meaning of this term, but you will also discover the story behind its origin and some alternative meanings for the acronym as well. You will have the chance to read through some example conversations to see how the term is used in context to help you better understand it. Finally, you will some synonymous words or phrases that you can use instead of using this particular acronym and the phrase that it represents.

TFM Meaning

What Does TFM Mean?

This acronym is used most commonly to represent the phrase “total frat move.” It is used as a response when someone does something that would be considered an action or activity that a male who is a member of a college fraternity would do.

Origin of TFM

The acronym and the phrase that it represents originated in 2010. While two former fraternity brothers named Ryan Young and Madison Wickham were still in college, they privately shared stories with their fellow fraternity members about girls, drinking, and other fraternity life. The stories were referred to within the fraternity as “total frat moves.” After graduating from college and moving on with their lives, Wickham believed that the phrase had the same potential for internet fame as other acronyms like “FML.” He contacted his fellow frat brother, Young, and together in 2010 they started a website called “Total Frat Moves” where users could come and post their stories about frat life. They coined this phrase and a few others as well which are used on the internet today to describe the unique lives of students in college.

Other Meanings

There are a few other meanings mentioned on the internet for this term. As an acronym, the term can represent the phrase “too f**king much.” It can also represent the phrases “titty flash Monday” and “telepathic friend moment.” Additionally, it is said it can represent the phrase “total fu**ing moron” and “testosterone-filled moment.”

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I had to call my parents today.
  • Friend 2: Why?
  • Friend 1: To ask them to send me more money.
  • Friend 2: What do you need more money for.
  • Friend 1: I need it to pay my rent. I spent all my money on booze and women.
  • Friend 2: TFM dude! You need to manage your money better.

An online conversation between two forum users.

  • User 1: Today I went and bought these cool sunglasses. I am hoping they will help attract the ladies while I am on spring break.
  • User 2: Wow, dude! That is a TFM! Your sunglasses aren’t going to be able to hide the fact that you are an ass.

Synonyms of TFM

There are several synonymous phrases that you could use to replace the phrase that this acronym represents in conversation. Some of the alternatives you could use instead include:

  • that’s what a frat boy would do
  • you are behaving like a frat boy
  • your frat brothers would be so proud

TFM Meaning Infographic

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Last Updated on March 23, 2020

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