20 Better Alternatives to “Thank You Very Much” in Writing

Other ways to say “thank you so much” and “thank you very much” – When we communicate with others face-to-face, we don’t tend to put much thought into the form of language that we use, this is mostly due to us being able to use our body language to add to what we are saying. For example, when we are thanking someone, we may say something like “Thank you so much” but we may also give them a bright smile, hug them or even jump with happiness. However, we don’t have this advantage when we are writing a letter or email. Therefore, saying something more than just ‘Thank you” will us to show them what our body language usually does.

So, if you are writing an email or letter with the intention to thank someone, but you just can’t think of a better way to say “Thank you”, don’t worry because I’m going to share with you many different ways you can thank someone in order to show them just how thankful you really are!

Other Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” & “Thank You Very Much”

1. Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

Let that special someone know that you are sincerely grateful.

2. I Can’t Thank You Enough

If you feel like you could say “Thank you” over and over again for a whole eternity or perhaps you don’t even believe that “Thank you” can ever really describe just how thankful you are, then this is the phrase you are looking for.

3. Thank You Kindly

Although this phrase can be used anytime, it would fit best if you’re writing for any professional or academic purposes as it carries a formal tone.

4. Thanks A Million

If you feel like you could just thank that person a million times, this phrase will do the job.

5. Thank You, I Truly Appreciate All Of Your Hard Work

This phrase is perfect for not only praising someone but thanking them as well.

6. I’m So Glad You’re In My Life

You could also rephrase this to say “I’m so glad you’re on my team”, either way, this version of “Thank you” will truly make someone feel like they have a special place in your heart.

7. Thank You, We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Let someone know that their part, no matter how small, truly made a difference.

8. Thank You For Being There For Me

If you’ve been going through something and someone seemed to always be there to support you, instead of just saying “Thank you”, say this instead.

9. Thank You, You’re Amazing

With this phrase, you could change the compliment to anything you want. Whether it’s: great, fantastic, a genius, incredible. This is a great alternative to the simple “Thank you”.

10. Thank You For Going Above And Beyond

Let them know that their hard work did not go unnoticed and you are very thankful for it.

11. I’m So Thankful For Everything You Do

If they always seem to happily go out of their way to help you out, praise them with this version of “Thank you”.

12. Many Thanks

Although it may sound a little old-fashioned, it’s definitely a great alternative for the simple “Thank you”. Especially, for formal emails and letters as this phrase is rather light-hearted in comparison to the other options.

13. Warmest Thanks

This is another phrase that would perfectly suit a professional or academic email or letter as it’s somewhat light-hearted, but with a personal touch.

14. I Appreciate Your Thoughtfulness, You’ve Made My Day

If you’ve received a kind gift or gesture from someone and want to thank them in a more personal way, this is what you’re looking for.

15. Please Accept My Deepest Thanks

Feeling stuck on how to say “Thank you” in a professional or academic email or letter? Use this phrase.

16. Eternally Grateful

Let them know that you will be grateful for the rest of your life.

17. How Can I Show You How Grateful I Am?

18. Truly Grateful For All Your Support

If someone has been going of their way to support you, say thank you with a more personal touch.

19. Beyond Grateful

When you’re grateful beyond words.

20. I Am Truly Grateful To You

Do you know that person that always goes out of their way to show you just how much you mean to them? Whether it’s with random uplifting messages or small gifts, a shoulder to cry on, or just some company. This is the phrase you should use in your email or letter.

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Better Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” & “Thank You Very Much” in Writing

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