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The word “therefore” stands as a sentinel, guiding readers to the inevitable conclusions drawn from our discourse. Yet, this linguistic journey does not end with a single term. Exploring different synonyms for “therefore” not only broadens our lexical repertoire but also polishes the very flow of our expression, allowing us to weave our narratives and arguments with greater variety and nuance. 

Therefore Synonyms

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What Is “Therefore”?

Therefore is an adverb that’s used to introduce a logical conclusion or a result derived from the previous statement. It’s the bridge between cause and effect, showcasing a relationship where one statement is the consequence of the other.

List of Synonyms for Therefore

  • Consequently
  • As a result
  • Thus
  • Hence
  • Accordingly
  • For this reason
  • Thereupon
  • Subsequently
  • Ergo
  • Then
  • So
  • Because of that
  • As a consequence
  • In consequence
  • That being the case
  • Whence
  • In light of this
  • By consequence
  • Due to this
  • On account of this
  • Resultantly
  • It follows that
  • This implies that
  • This entails that
  • This leads to
  • In turn
  • On that account
  • Following that
  • This suggests that
  • Given this
  • In view of this
  • For that reason
  • In that case
  • Which is why
  • Which means that
  • To that end
  • In effect
  • Under those circumstances
  • As such
  • Thereby
  • Because of this
  • Inasmuch as
  • As an effect
  • In the final analysis
  • All things considered
  • Taking into account
  • Based on that
  • For the sake of argument
  • In the sense that
  • To this end

Types of Synonyms for Therefore

Causal Synonyms 

These are words we use to establish a cause-and-effect relationship:

  • Hence
  • Thus
  • Consequently
  • As a result

Inferential Synonyms 

When we’re indicating a logical inference or deduction, we might choose:

  • Accordingly
  • Ergo

Sequential Synonyms 

If we’re highlighting the sequence in arguments or steps, we often go for:

  • Then
  • Thereupon
  • Henceforward

Common Synonyms for Therefore 

Therefore vs. Consequently 

Consequently is a synonym that emphasizes the result of an action. While therefore indicates a logical conclusion, consequently highlights the outcome.

  • The weather forecast predicted heavy rain; therefore, we decided to cancel the picnic.
  • There was a major accident on the highway; consequently, traffic was backed up for miles.

Therefore vs. Accordingly

Accordingly often refers to an action taken as a result of a previous statement, similar to therefore but with a focus on the adjustment or response made.

  • The jury found the defendant guilty; therefore, the judge sentenced him to ten years in prison.
  • The customer reported a defect in the product; accordingly, we issued a full refund and requested a return.

Therefore vs. Hence 

Hence is used to draw a conclusion from facts previously mentioned, much like therefore. It may sound slightly more formal or archaic.

  • We received your application after the deadline; therefore, it will not be considered for this round of admissions.
  • The archaeological site dates back over 5,000 years, hence its importance to historians and researchers.

Therefore vs. Thus 

Thus is another synonym that suggests a logical conclusion with a similar meaning to therefore, and it is often used in formal writing.

  • The evidence was inconclusive; therefore, the jury had no choice but to acquit the defendant.
  • He forgot to set his alarm clock; thus, he was late for the meeting.

Purpose of Synonyms for ‘Therefore’ in Academic Writing

In academic writing, we strive for clarity, precision, and variety in our expression. Utilizing synonyms for ‘therefore’ serves several purposes that enhance our scholarly texts:

Diversity of Language: We introduce a range of transitional terms to avoid repetition. Repetition may make our writing appear monotonous, while a diverse vocabulary can maintain the reader’s attention and demonstrate our linguistic repertoire.

Accurate Nuance: Synonyms provide subtle distinctions in meaning which allow us to convey our arguments with greater precision. For instance, ‘consequently’ signals a more causal relationship than ‘therefore’, which is often used to state a logical conclusion.

Adaptation to Context: Different academic fields may favor particular transitional words that align with their argumentative styles. By selecting the appropriate synonym, we align our language with the conventions of our specific academic community.

Emphasis and Rhythm: The rhythm of our sentences affects the emphasis and impact of our writing. By choosing different synonyms, we can adjust the cadence of our sentences to highlight the importance of our points or to match the formal tone of our work.

Synonym Usage
Consequently When emphasizing causality between ideas
Hence To suggest a conclusion has been directly inferred
Thus Implying a logical result from the preceding information
Accordingly Suggesting actions or conclusions that follow naturally

We effectively enhance the quality and readability of our academic writing by mastering the use of these synonyms for ‘therefore’.

Synonyms for Therefore in Different Contexts

In Logical Arguments

When we’re laying out a logical argument, we need words that signal a solid conclusion based on the evidence presented. The following are some synonyms for “therefore” that fit seamlessly into this context:

  • Consequently: This means as a result of.
  • Thus: It implies a direct result of something.
  • Hence: This synonym suggests a cause-and-effect relationship.

Example sentence:

  • Scientists have proven that the substance is harmful; consequently, its use has been banned.
  • The jury found the evidence incontrovertible, thus the verdict was guilty.
  • Traffic was heavy, hence she arrived late to the meeting.

In Casual Explanations

Sometimes we’re not building an argument but simply explaining something in a casual manner. In these cases, we can use:

  • So: This is a common, conversational form of “therefore.”
  • Accordingly: This word links the result to a previous statement more formally than “so.”

Example sentence:

  • It started to rain, so we took shelter under a tree.
  • We were out of milk, accordingly, I went to the store.

To Emphasize a Point

When we want to emphasize the result of a statement, we might use:

  • Ergo: This is a more forceful and sometimes formal synonym for “therefore.”

Example sentence:

  • All humans are mortal, and I am a human, ergo I am mortal.

In each different context, the synonyms for “therefore” can help us express the relationship between cause and result clearly and effectively.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Therefore 

Absolute Synonyms for Therefore

Synonym Meaning
So In such a manner that it follows as a logical consequence.
Thus In this way; as a result of a preceding fact.
Hence For this reason; consequently.
Ergo Therefore or consequently (used in formal arguments or statements).

Near Synonyms for Therefore 

Near Synonym Meaning
Accordingly As a result of something; indicates following the logic of.
Consequently As a result of a preceding cause, suggesting a closer cause-effect link.
Wherefore An archaic or formal synonym, asking for a reason or explaining it.
In consequence On account of, or as a consequence of a particular action or event.

Synonyms for Therefore with Examples | Infographic

Another Word for Therefore | List of 50+ Synonyms for "Therefore" in EnglishPin

Frequently Asked Questions

What words can replace ‘therefore’ in an essay?

We can use words like ‘thus’, ‘consequently’, or ‘hence’ when we’re aiming for a direct replacement of ‘therefore’ that maintains the flow and purpose in an essay.

How can I substitute ‘therefore’ in a formal document?

In formal documents, ‘accordingly’, ‘as a result’, or ‘subsequently’ serve as suitable substitutes for ‘therefore’ when drawing conclusions or indicating results.

What are some alternative expressions to ‘therefore’?

Alternative expressions could include ‘for this reason’, ‘owing to this’, or ‘in light of this’, which convey a similar causal relationship as ‘therefore’.

Can you suggest other phrases that convey the same meaning as ‘therefore’?

Certainly, phrases like ‘on account of this’ or ‘this being the case’ carry the same inferential weight as ‘therefore’ and can diversify your writing.

What are equivalent transition words to ‘therefore’ for academic purposes?

For academic writing, synonymous transition words like ‘ergo’, ‘wherefore’, or ‘in consequence’ can effectively replace ‘therefore’ while respecting the formal tone.

How can ‘therefore’ be reworded for variety in writing?

To add variety, we might rephrase ‘therefore’ by using terms like ‘conclusively’, or we could structure our sentences to imply causality without directly stating it, such as ‘this suggests that’ or ‘it follows that’.

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