Things that Start with Q in English

Understanding and using Q-words can sometimes be tricky, especially for younger learners, since the starting sound is close to that of K. This reference provides a comprehensive look into various Q-words. It covers what Q-words are, a list of things that start with Q, and their meanings. It’s clear and easy to navigate, helping you build a better vocabulary.

Things that Start with Q

Things that Start with Q
Things that Start with Q – Created by 7ESL

Objects that Start with Q

  • Quag
  • Quirt
  • Quagmire
  • Quarry
  • Quaoar
  • Quay
  • Quad
  • Quarrel
  • Quarterdeck
  • Quadruplicate
  • Quat
  • Qat
  • Quiver
  • Quilt
  • Quoit
  • Quickener
  • Quill
  • Quipu
  • Quadraphony
  • Quarter
  • Quirk
  • Quinine
  • Quern
  • Quicksand
  • Quarterstaff
  • Quasar
  • Quark
  • Quadrant
  • Quilting
  • Quarterlight
  • Quadrangle
  • Quarters
  • Quoin

What are Things that Start with Q?

Teaching kids words that start with the letter Q can be difficult for both the teacher and the student. By selecting easy words that start with the letter Q, the kids can develop their understanding of how to use the letter, pronunciation, and spelling of words.

The things listed in this article are the ones that most of us have seen or have an idea of. These things can be household items, objects that you buy foods, domestic supplies, or cosmetics.

When you are starting to teach kindergarten and preschoolers, you can introduce four-letter words that start with the letter Q. Once they are familiar with the letter and how it is commonly used on words, you can now introduce them to other things that use the letter Q that sound differently when spelled.

Household Items that Start with Q

  • Quilt
  • Quiz game
  • Q-tip (a cotton swab)
  • Quarter-cup (1/4 in a measuring cup)
  • Quince (a fruit)
  • Quill
  • Quiche (a French tart)
  • Quiver (a quiver is a box for holding arrows)
  • Qwirkle Board Game

Clothing that Starts with Q

  • Quiksilver T-shirts
  • Quilted jacket

Things that Start with Q with Meanings

There are a lot of words that start with the letter Q. Below are the few common names of things that we may use daily:


It is a bed covering made of layers of fabric that are stitched with a design to provide warmness.


It is slightly wet sand that sucks in the things that are placed above it.


A quill is a part of the bird’s tail feathers that are used by people to write during ancient times. The sharp spines of a porcupine are also called quill.


It is a system that produces stereophonic sounds using four channels.


It is a short-tailed bird that has brown camouflage color. It lays the small eggs which we eat regularly.


In Canada, a quarter is a coin that represents 25 cents, while in clothing, a quarter is a piece of leather that is used to cover the heels of a boot.


Originated from Mexico, it is a traditional dish that uses warm tortilla, cheese, and meat and vegetables as fillings.


It is a pear-like fruit that has an aromatic smell that belongs to the Rosaceae family. Usually, the ripened fruit is used to make jams, marmalade, or paste.


It is an ancient device used by the Inca in record keeping. Its parts such as cord and knot placement are all used to create a numerical reading.


It is a case used to hold arrows which are usually made of wood, leather, fur, and other materials.

Final Words

Now that we have an idea that there are a lot of words that start with the letter Q, it is now easy to teach children or those who are interested in learning more about the letter Q.

Things that Start with Q for Kid
Things that Start with Q for Kid – Created by 7ESL