“This or That” Questions: 101 Best Questions To Get To Know Someone

Last Updated on January 5, 2021

Party games… they’re a blast! It’s always fun to get to know people better. One of the best games or ways to get to know someone is through the “this or that” questions. It’s a way to compare two things and choose the best of the two. It is a great way to get to know one another better and really connect. Who knows you might end up taking your dream vacations together or go on a camping trip! Below, you will have 101 options of this or that questions.

“This or That” Questions

  1. Vanilla or chocolate – Which classic do you prefer?
  2. Sweet or salty – Sugary sweetness or savory salt?
  3. Sour or spicy – Sweet and sour chicken or spicy thai flavors?
  4. Yellow or blue – The sun or the sky?
  5. Pepsi or coke – Which fizz tastes better?
  6. Chicken or beef – Hope you’re not a vegetarian!
  7. Summer or winter – Summer breeze or winter chill?
  8. Autumn or spring – The leaves falling or the blooming flowers?
  9. Hot chocolate or coffee – Sweet or bitter swallows?
  10. Lemonade or iced tea – Southern or super southern?
  11. Beach or mountains – Tan skin or toned figure?
  12. Hiking or swimming – Which sport do you prefer?
  13. Ketchup or mustard – What do you like on your burger?
  14. Camping or glamping – Old fashioned or the new version?
  15. Hotel or airbnb – The traditional or the new and funky?
  16. Dogs or cats – Which companion do you prefer?
  17. Phone calls or texting – Person to person or hand to hand?
  18. Facebook or Instagram – Pictures or pictures and words and politics?
  19. Iphone or android – Blue texts or green?
  20. Bath or shower – Feel the flowing water or sit in the stillness?
  21. Extrovert ot introvert – Open or closed at first?
  22. Giving or getting – Do you find more pleasure in gifting or being gifted?
  23. Road trip or plane ride – Quick and far or long and close?
  24. City or countryside – City lights or starry nights?
  25. Soup or salad – Liquids or solids?
  26. Mexican food or Italian food – Which spice is your favorite?
  27. Hotdog or hamburger – Long ways or high ways?
  28. Delivery or dine-in – Do you like to socialize or internalize while you eat?
  29. Book or magazine – The smell of the fresh printed book or glowing magazines?
  30. Festivals or air-pods – Getting out and jamming with your friends or being in your own world?
  31. Tacos or sushi – I don’t know how anyone could choose.
  32. Tequila or whiskey – Which one gets you wasted faster?
  33. Movies or tv shows – A series to live along with or one and done?
  34. Waffles or pancakes – Squares or circles?
  35. Work or school – Being paid to work or working to pay?
  36. Hook-ups or long term relationship – One night stands and lust or love?
  37. Vacation or staycation – Do you like traveling or staying in the same place?
  38. Long hair or short hair – What’s easier? What’s prettier?
  39. Fishing or hunting – Water baby or land baby?
  40. Apartment or house – HOA fees or naw?
  41. Gold or silver – What makes your skin glow?
  42. Tigers eye or amethyst – Browns and golds or purples?
  43. Lefty or righty – Artistic or mathematic?
  44. Essential oils or perfume – Or a combo?
  45. Shoes or barefoot – Feel the grass beneath your feet or the soles of your shoes?
  46. Pants or shorts – Legs bare or covered?
  47. Dresses or rompers – Have you tried to pee in a romper?
  48. Leggings or sweatpants – Loose or tight?
  49. Comedy movie or scary movie – Laughing or screaming?
  50. Curly hair or straight hair – Wild or tame?
  51. Piercings or tattoos – Permanent holes or permanent colors?
  52. Wine or beer – Classy or cheap?
  53. Cold weather or hot weather – Shivers or sweats?
  54. Snow or sand – Which white is prettier?
  55. Roller skating or roller blading – The more balls the better?
  56. Skiing or snow boarding – One or two?
  57. Roses or daises – Which one smells better?
  58. Plaid or polka dots – Which pattern is prettier?
  59. Reading or writing – Books books books…
  60. Bacon or sausage – Which part of the pig do you prefer?
  61. Card game or board game – Cards to shuffle or boards to pick up?
  62. Laundry or dishes – The yummy smell of fresh laundry or dish soap?
  63. Blue eyes or brown eyes – Dark soulful eyes or light airy eyes?
  64. Wet or dry – Humidity or cracked skin?
  65. Slacker or over achiever – Underwork or workaholic?
  66. Truth or dare – I dare you to choose.
  67. Go or stop – GO GO GO
  68. Real or artificial – Nails, hair, lips, boobs… what’s better?
  69. Flats or heels – How tall are you?
  70. Online shopping or in person shopping – Do you like to try on all your clothes or sit from the comfort of your home?
  71. Tinder or Bumble – Online dating… what a world.
  72. Reality tv or mystery – Can’t we have both?
  73. Sweatshirts or sweaters – Zippers or pullovers.
  74. One braid or two braids – What shape is your face?
  75. Seeking arrangements or what’s your price – Paid dates… yes please.
  76. Car or truck – What wheel drive?
  77. Iced coffee or hot coffee – Burning your mouth or brain freezes?
  78. Briefs or boxers – Loose or tight?
  79. Bungee Jumping or cliff diving – Which adrenaline type is for you?
  80. Singing or dancing – La la la or twirl twirl twirl?
  81. Rich friend or loyal friend – I want both.
  82. Intelligence or humor – Funny and fun
  83. Sunrise or sunset – Light colors and cotton candy skies
  84. Solitaire or uno – Single or doubles?
  85. Macbook or Delle – APPLE
  86. Rap or country – Which tunes are for you?
  87. EDM or pop – How do you like to groove?
  88. Beard or no beard – Scruff or soft?
  89. Tan or pale – Sunny skies or under the roof?
  90. Sweet or sarcastic – Smiles or smirks?
  91. Even numbers or odd numbers – Do you have a thing for numbers?
  92. The Vampire Diaries or True Blood – Which kind of vampires are you into?
  93. Tall or short – Reach the highest cabinets or fit in the cupboard?
  94. Hand written cards or emails – Which generation do you belong to?
  95. Family or friends – Who would you die for?
  96. Kids or no kids – Do you want any?
  97. Poetry or short stories – What do you write?
  98. Couch or chair – Slouch or sit up straight?
  99. Shaving or waxing – Razors or oil?
  100. Big party or intimate gathering – Do people turn you off or on?
  101. Sweet potatoes or potatoes – Hmmmmm, yummy.

These are only a couple comparisons to make and figure out which fit your personality best!

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