Thus Far: What does “Thus Far” Mean? with Useful Examples

What does the idiom “Thus Far” Mean? Idioms are imaginative phrases used to express everyday thoughts and feelings in figurative language. They are considered to be a part of informal communication. One of the popular idioms used today in conversation is the term “thus far.” Here you will find the meaning of the phrase, an explanation of its origin, how to properly use it in conversations/statements and other ways to state the same idea.

Thus Far

Thus Far Meaning

The meaning of the idiom “thus far” is the measure of time that has taken place between when something or someone was created up until the current or present point in time.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The idiom “thus far” is can be used interchangeably with the idiom “so far” as in the phrases “thus far, so good” or “so far, so good.” Thus is simply an alternate word meaning the same as the word so, which is defined as up to this point in time. The first usage of the phrase “thus far” was seen in 1599 in the play Henry V written by Shakespeare. It has been used in conversation since.

“Thus Far”  Examples

Examples in Statements

A news reporter doing a television report on the pending hurricane out at sea.

  • Thus far, the winds have remained calm, but that is expected to change overnight as the storm makes its way onshore.”

A coach motivating his team in the locker room.

  • Thus far, you guys have been looking great! Let’s keep it up in the second half and win this game!”

Examples in Conversation

Two co-workers talking at work.

  • Co-worker 1: I don’t know how I feel about this new project we are working on.
  • Co-worker 2: Really?! Thus far, I think it is going well.

Two friends talking about a book.

  • Friend 1: Hey, did you start reading that new book you bought the other day?
  • Friend 2: Yes!
  • Friend 1: Well, how is it?
  • Friend 2: I’ve only read up to Chapter 5, but thus far it is excellent!

Other examples:

  • Thus far, 11 people have died, and thousands are homeless.
  • There is, thus far, no global plan apparent which we would regard as logical and satisfying.
  • His policy thus far has been to do nothing but not to acknowledge the inaction.

Other Ways to Say “Thus Far”

All idioms have a literal translation and, thus, have a literal way they can be stated. Other ways to say “thus far” are up until this point in time, up until now or currently.

List of “Thus Far” synonyms:

  • So far
  • Till date
  • Till now
  • Until now
  • Up to now
  • Hitherto
  • Heretofore
  • Up till now
  • Till
  • Henceforth
  • To date
  • Thenceforth
  • Since that time
  • Thereafter
  • To this day
  • Until this time

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