“TIL” Meaning | What Does The Acronym “TIL” Stand For?

What does TIL mean? What is the definition of this internet acronym? TIL has become a popular way to share interesting facts and trivia with others online. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning and origins of TIL, as well as its impact on language, culture, and society. Whether you’re a trivia buff or just curious about the way language evolves in the digital age, the story of TIL is sure to fascinate and entertain.

TIL Meaning

What Does “TIL” Stand For?

What does this internet slang term mean in text talk?

“TIL” means “today I learned”.

This means that you have learned an interesting fact or story. A quick Google search will give you multiple websites where you can customize what you want to learn about. A popular topic is Today in history. This will give you multiple events throughout time that occurred on that date. But your news doesn’t have to be old to use this lingo. It just means the info is what you learned today.

The social media site, Reddit, has a subtopic category dedicated to “til”, as do many social networking sites. Knowledge is power so take a few minutes to learn something new. You’ll end up sounding smarter than your friends. And you get to use that nifty little text lingo too. You’ll become someone who keeps up with the times. Literally! It’s especially interesting to see what historical events occurred on your birthday.

What Is TIL’s Origin?

“Til” first started on Reddit, which is a social media site where users share articles, pics, or memes, which are then commented on and voted on by other users. There’s even a subforum for the tag where you can focus on just “til”, or “today I learned”. Another website that made “til” popular is Digg, which is a also a forum site for user submitted news stories. The topics can range from historical events to something widely known by others but not by the poster, like milk is actually bad for you, despite decades of claims about it being great for healthy bones.

More About TIL

Similar Words

This shorthand text type is considered to be categorized as attracting attention. Other slang that is often used in addition to or instead of “til” are: “Soml” which is “story of my life; ” Irl”, “in real life” ; “jsyk” or “just so you know” ; “j4f” meaning “just for fun” ; and “fawc” which means “for anyone who cares”.

  • TIL” = T (Today) + I (I) + L (Learned)
  • Irl” = I (In) + R (Real) + L (Life)
  • Soml” = S (story) + O (of) + M (My) + L (life)
  • Jsyk” = J (Just) + S (So) + Y (You) + K (Know)
  • J4f” = J (Just) + 4 (for) + F (Fun)

Other Meanings

As with most acronyms, “til” can mean more than one thing. For example, “til” could be shorthand for until. This is often seen outside of social media and is widely used by everyone. Another way of spelling it, without changing the meaning is “till” with two L’s. This is used less often. “Til” can also mean “that is lame”; as the opposite of cool, meaning boring or not fun; “totally in love”; and finally “This is Lanka”, which refers to Sri Lanka, and is a twist on “This is Africa” .

Here is the list of other meanings:

  • Until
  • Truth in Lending
  • Technical Information Library
  • This I Learned
  • Transport Investments Ltd
  • Turned in Line (energy well)
  • Times Internet Limited (India)
  • Time in Lieu
  • Transition to Independent Living
  • Tobacco Industry Litigation

TIL Examples in Conversations, Texting, Social Posts

In this section, you will find examples of how TIL can be used in different types of communication. This will help you understand its application and usage better.

When using TIL in a text conversation, it can be a conversation starter or just an interesting fact you recently learned. For instance:

  • You: “TIL that honey never spoils.”
  • Friend: “Really? That’s cool! I didn’t know that.”

In social media posts, TIL is often used as a hashtag (#TIL) to share new knowledge or facts with your followers. Examples include:

  • “TIL that there are more possible iterations of a game of chess than there are atoms in the observable universe. #mindblown #TIL”
  • “Just found out that dogs can actually see color, just not as vividly as we do. #TIL”

On online forums or discussion boards, particularly on platforms like Reddit, TIL is frequently applied to share intriguing information with the community. Some examples:

  • “TIL that narwhals’ tusks are actually elongated teeth and can grow up to 10 feet long.”
  • “Today I learned that the smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone in the human ear.”

Keep in mind that when using TIL, the fact or information you share should be both interesting and accurate. If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to double-check your source before sharing. This helps maintain credibility and fosters a rich, engaging, and informative online environment.

“TIL” Meaning Infographic


Frequently Asked Questions

What does TIL stand for on social media?

TIL stands for “Today I Learned” on social media platforms, particularly on Reddit. It is used at the beginning of posts where users share interesting facts or information they’ve recently discovered.

How is TIL used in a business context?

TIL is not commonly used in a business context, as it is primarily associated with social media and sharing personal discoveries. However, in informal settings, you might use TIL to share relevant, newly acquired information with colleagues about industry updates, market trends, or innovative products.

Is TIL a valid word in the English language?

While TIL is not a standard English word found in dictionaries, it is a widely recognized slang acronym on social media. Language evolves over time, so terms like TIL may be incorporated into everyday language as more people adopt this acronym.

How do people use TIL on platforms like Twitter?

On platforms like Twitter, people use TIL in a similar way to Reddit, starting their tweets with “TIL” followed by an interesting fact or piece of newly discovered knowledge. Using the hashtag #TIL can help increase the visibility of the tweet and allow others to find similar posts of interest.