“TNA” Meaning | What Does The Term “TNA” Mean and Stand For?

If you are a fan of wrestling, then you probably already know the meaning behind the acronym “TNA.” However, if this is your first time coming across the acronym, then you have probably come here looking for the definition of this acronym or looking to see if it means other things. Here you will find out both and you will also find out about the origin of the most common thing this acronym stand for. You will also be given the chance to read through some conversation examples that highlight the usage of this phrase in everyday discussion. In conclusion, you will see whether this acronym and the phrase it represents can be replaced with synonyms.

“TNA” Meaning

What Does “TNA” Stand For?

TNA is an acronym for Total Nonstop Action, referring to a professional wrestling promotion popularly known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. In 2017, it was renamed Impact Wrestling. As a professional wrestling promotion, TNA competes with prominent wrestling brands such as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Origin of “TNA”

This wrestling organization began in 2001 after WCW, World Championship Wrestling, ended. At first, it was known as NWA-TNA, but the NWA part was dropped from the name after the owners decided to leave the National Wrestling Alliance in 2002.

TNA Wrestling was notable for its high-energy and high-impact wrestling matches, which quickly gained a loyal fan base. The promotion was founded to offer wrestling enthusiasts an alternative to WWE, providing unique, action-packed entertainment that attracts fans worldwide.

TNA in Conversations, Texting, Social Posts

A discussion between two friends via text message.

  • Friend 1: Did you watch TNA this week?
  • Friend 2: No, I missed it because of homework.
  • Friend 1: It was a great episode. You should find it online or watch the replay when you have time.

An online discussion on a wrestling fan forum between two users.

  • User 1: I don’t know anyone who prefers TNA over WWE.
  • User 2: I prefer TNA. They are more about the actual wrestling and not about the backstage drama and silly story lines.
  • User 1: Fair enough!

Terms Related to TNA

  • Impact Wrestling: The current name of the professional wrestling promotion previously known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
  • WCW: World Championship Wrestling, a wrestling promotion that was a predecessor to TNA and ceased operations in 2001.
  • WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment, a well-established professional wrestling brand that is considered a competitor to TNA.

More About TNA

Synonyms of “TNA”

Since this acronym represents the official title of television show and wrestling organization, there are no synonyms that you can use to replace it in this context. Using any other phrasing would change the branding and in turn change the meaning.

Other Meanings

Like most other acronyms, this one can be used to represent more technical and specific things as well. Some other titles and phrases that it can be used to stand for in more specific scenarios are “the new age,” “to no avail,” “temporarily not available,” “total net assets,” and “together and always.” These are a small handful of examples and there are many more.

Related Sports Acronyms

In the world of sports, there are numerous abbreviations and acronyms used to represent specific terms or organizations. Here are a few related to TNA (Total Nonstop Action):

  • WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment, a popular professional wrestling promotion and competitor of TNA. WWE features well-known events, such as WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble.
  • UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company. While wrestling is a component of MMA, UFC is distinct from professional wrestling organizations like TNA and WWE.
  • ROH: Ring of Honor, another American professional wrestling promotion, founded in 2002. ROH is known for its focus on in-ring athleticism and poignant storytelling, differentiating itself from TNA and WWE.
  • NJPW: New Japan Pro-Wrestling, a major Japanese professional wrestling promotion founded in 1972. NJPW has collaborated with various wrestling organizations, including TNA, in the past.
  • AEW: All Elite Wrestling, an American professional wrestling promotion established in 2019. AEW burst onto the wrestling scene with a roster of established talent and a television deal rivaling TNA and WWE.

Each of these acronyms shares a common connection to the world of professional or combat sports. From wrestling to MMA, these promotions and organizations contribute to the diverse landscape of athletic entertainment.

“TNA” Meaning Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TNA Women’s Roster?

The TNA Women’s Roster consists of talented female wrestlers who compete in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, now known as IMPACT Wrestling. These athletes showcase their skills and engage in high-energy matches, delivering exciting performances for wrestling fans.

How does TNA Medical differ from TNA in Textiles?

TNA Medical and TNA in Textiles are entirely different concepts. While TNA (Total Nonstop Action) refers to a professional wrestling promotion, TNA Medical stands for Total Needs Analysis in the medical context, which includes assessing healthcare requirements of patients. On the other hand, TNA in Textiles refers to Textile News Agency, covering news and updates related to the textile industry.

Is TNA the same as IMPACT Wrestling?

Yes, TNA (Total Nonstop Action) and IMPACT Wrestling refer to the same professional wrestling promotion. The company was initially founded as TNA in 2002 and was rebranded as IMPACT Wrestling in 2017. Despite the name change, these terms are often used interchangeably by fans and media.

Who currently owns TNA?

As of 2023, IMPACT Wrestling, formerly known as TNA, is owned by Anthem Sports & Entertainment, an international media company. Anthem acquired the majority stake in the wrestling promotion in 2017 and has since been steering its growth and expansion.

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