TQ Meaning: What Does TQ Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does TQ mean? What is the definition of this internet acronym? Learn how and when to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

TQ Meaning

What Does TQ Mean?

“TQ” is short for “te Quiero”.

Te Quiero is a Spanish word which translates to three different phrases: “I like you”, “I love you like a friend” or “I love you” in English. In English, we often use “ILY” as a shorthand for “I love you” so it only makes sense that those who speak other languages learn to make acronyms and shorthand for their own words. You might also write “tq” as “t.q”.

  • “TQ” = “T” (Te) + “Q” (Quiero)
  • “T.Q.” = “T” (Te) + “Q” (Quiero)
  • “ILY” = “I” (I) + “L” (Love) + “Y” (You)

Similar Slang Words

“TQ1CH” is often used as a response to or in place of “tq”. It stands for “te Quiero un chingón”. Translated to English, it means “I love the Hell out of you”. There’s also “TQM” which means “te Quiero mucho”, translated to “I love you very much”. This can also be typed “t.q.m” but with the same meaning. “Te Amo” is another way to say “I love you” in Spanish, referring to a spouse or lover. “TKM” also means “te Quiero mucho”.

  • “TQ1CH” = “T” (Te) + “Q” (Quiero) + “1” (un) + “CH” (chingón)
  • “TQM” = “T” (Te) + “Q” (Quiero) + “M” (Mucho)
  • “T.Q.M” = “T” (Te) + “Q” (Quiero) + “M” (Mucho)
  • “TKM” = “T” (Te) + “K” (Quiero) + “M” (Mucho)

Other Meanings

“TQ” can have other meanings as well, although less used. You might have to rely on the context of your conversation to determine which meaning is appropriate. In addition to “te Quiero” or “I love you”, “tq” can also stand for “thank you” or “tequila”. Or it could be referring to “Team Quebec.org”, which is a Montreal based skateboarding blog. In the gaming world, “tq” can stand for a game called “Titan Quest”.

Here is the list of other meanings of TQ in English:

  • Thank You
  • Total Quality
  • Top Quality
  • Top Qualifier
  • Turbo Quattro
  • Tomaz Quake
  • Third Quantization
  • Tsunami Quest
  • Te Quiero
  • Threshold Quantity

Conversation Examples

Example 1 using “TQ” as “te Quiero” or “I love you”

  • Juan: Be here at six. TQ
  • Maria: Ok. LY too.

*”LY” = “L” (Love) + “Y” (You)

Example 2 using “TQ” as “thank you”

  • Juan: Will you pls bring a bag of ice? tq
  • Ricky: Yeah. Np. yw

*”NP” = “N” (No) + “P” (Problem)

“YW” = “Y” (You’re) + W (Welcome)

Example 3 using “TQ” as “tequila”

  • Speaker 1: You got the tq for the margaritas?
  • Speaker 2: I’ve got rum and vodka. No tequila.
  • Speaker 1: I’ll make a liquor stop.

TQ Meaning Infographic


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