TQW Meaning: What Does This Interesting Acronym Stand For?

The acronym “TQW” is a bit difficult to come by, even when you are searching for it. Even then, it is hard to determine what it means. However, if you are thinking that it is any kind of a slang term you would be mistaken. Here you will find the meaning of this acronym, the origin information surrounding it, and some alternative meanings if there are any to be found. You will also discover some example conversations to illustrate how the term is used correctly and some synonyms for the term if there are any that can be used.

TQW Meaning

What Does TQW Mean?

This acronym represents the phrase “Teaching the Qualities of Writing.” This acronym refers to a curriculum for teachers to use as a resource to educate students on the four basic qualities of writing.

Origin of TQW

Teaching the Qualities of Writing is a curriculum for teachers that was written in 2004 by authors Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi. It is a ready-to-use teacher’s guide to help students enhance their writing abilities and it features a teacher’s guide, lesson guide, and a CD Rom with author interviews. discussion from students about writing, and resources for print. The curriculum is ideal to use for grades three through six.

Other Meanings

This acronym is used to represent some other things as well, particularly many companies and organizations. Some of the other things that this acronym can represent are “Total Quality Warehouse,” “Triangular Quantum Well,” “ThinkQuest Web,” “The Qantas Way,” and “Tasmanian Quality Wool.”

These are just a small handful of what this acronym can represent and there are many more, too many to list them all here.

Conversation Examples

A text conversation between two teachers.

  • Teacher 1: I need to find a better curriculum for my writing course.
  • Teacher 2: Have you tried looking into TQW?
  • Teacher 1: I have never heard of it. What is it?
  • Teacher 2: It’s Teaching the Qualities of Writing. My fellow teacher and friend last year used it and he said it is the best curriculum he has ever used for his students. It helped them all immensely.
  • Teacher 1: I will have to look into that. Sounds like it’s exactly what I am looking for.

An online conversation between two users on an education forum.

  • User 1: I am a teacher at South Bend Elementary. I have recently pitched an idea to the school board about making some much-needed changes to our curriculum here in the school district and I am looking for a curriculum that would follow the students along for a couple of years. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • User 2: Try Teaching the Qualities of Writing (TQW). I know that is what our district uses and I hear nothing but excellent things about it from the English teachers in our school district. It is a curriculum that follows the students from third grade to sixth grade from what I understand.
  • User 1: Thank you for the recommendation! That sounds like it is something we are looking for. I will be sure to check it out!

Other ways to say “TQW”

Since the acronym stands for the technical or official title of something, there are no synonyms for it.

TQW Meaning Infographic 

TQW Meaning: What Does This Interesting Acronym Stand For?Pin

Last Updated on March 20, 2020

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