Useful TRANSITION Words and Phrases in English

List of transition words and phrases in English with pictures and example sentences. Transitional words and transitional phrases can be used at the start of new paragraphs in your essays.

Quick list of linking words and phrases in English with picture.

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Transition Words and Phrases in English

Full list of Transitional words and transitional phrases in English with examples.

Transition Words – REASON

Function: To provide reasons for what has been stated or has occurred

Because of

  • We were unable to go by train because of the rail strike.

With this in mind

  • With this in mind, we must ensure more job security.

In fact

  • In fact, the fighting became even more brutal on Sunday.

In order to

  • In order to achieve this, we need a budget.

Due to

  • The event is off due to a scheduling error.

Transition Words – RESULT

Function: Transitional words and transitional phrases to provide the result of what has been stated or has occurred

As a result

  • His wife left him. As a result, he became very depressed.

As a consequence (of)

  • She has lived in France, and as a consequence speaks French fluently.


  • We do not have enough money. Therefore we cannot afford to buy the new car.


  • We do not own the building. Thus, it would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it.


  • There has been a great deal of rain and consequently the reservoirs are full.


  • The customer was displeased with her meal, hence the chef prepared a replacement.

For this reason

  • For this reason, they are not a good choice for exterior use.

Due to

  • Due to a broken wing, this bird can’t fly.

Transition Words – EMPHASIS

Function: Transition words and phrases to put forward a point or idea more forcefully


  • Undoubtedly, the story itself is one of the main attractions.


  • I don’t mind at all. Indeed, I would be delighted to help.


  •  Obviously, we don’t want to spend too much money.

Particularly / in particular

  • I love silver earrings, in particular ones from Mexico.


  • The car is quite small, especially if you have children.


  • Clearly, this will cost a lot more than we realized.


  • More importantly, can he be trusted?


  • He’s an absolutely brilliant cook.


  • I definitely remember sending the letter.

Without a doubt

  • We still believe we can win this series without a doubt.


  • I’m never surprised at what I do.

It should be noted

  • It should be noted that if you have something to note, then note it.


  • Unquestionably, teaching has been a paramount part of his career.

Above all

  • Above all, this forest is designed for wear and tear.


  • This is positively the worst thing that I can even imagine.

Transition Words – ADDITION

Function: Transitional words and transitional phrases to add to what has been previously stated

Additionally / an additional

  • Additionally, the bus service will run on Sundays, every two hours.


  • He said he had not discussed the matter with her. Furthermore, he had not even contacted her.


  • We are unable to repair this watch. Also, this is the fourth time this has happened.


  • I love wearing earrings. I design and make them too.

As well as that

  • We went to the park today. As well as that, we did some shopping.

Along with

  • Along with parties and parliaments, elections have lost their charm.


  • I can’t afford to go to the concert. Besides, I don’t really like classical music.

In addition

  • You haven’t paid the rent yet. In addition, you owe me money.


  • The report is badly presented. Moreover, it contains inaccuracies.

Not only…but also

  • If the project fails this will have terrible consequences not only on our department, but also on the whole organization.

In addition to this

  • John’s grades are terrible because he has been so lazy these days. In addition to this, his relationship to his parents got worse.

Apart from this

  • Apart from this paragraph, the report contains a number of sensible initiatives.

Transition Words – ILLUSTRATION

Function: To provide examples

For example/ For instance

  • There are many interesting places to visit in the city, for example/ for instance, the botanical garden or the art museum.

Such as

  • I prefer to wear casual clothes, such as jeans and a sweatshirt.


  • Including Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I’ve got a week off work.


  • We need to concentrate on our target audience, namely women aged between 20 and 30.

In this case

  • I think I would have made a difference in this case.

Proof of this

  • This building are a living proof of this existence, so we must preserve it.


  • I also make other jewellery like rings and bracelets.

To demonstrate/ To clarify

  • Regarding my previous email, I would like to clarify one of my sentences which was not that clear.

Transition Words – CONTRAST

Function: Transition words and phrases to show how things are different


  • Unlike most systems, this one is very easy to install.


  • There is little chance that we will succeed in changing the law. Nevertheless, it is important that we try.

On the other hand

  • Laptops are convenient; on the other hand, they can be expensive.


  • The problems are not serious. Nonetheless, we shall need to tackle them soon.

Despite / in spite of

  • Despite/ In spite of the rain, I went for a walk.

In contrast (to)

  • In contrast to the diligent bee, the butterfly flies hither and yon with no apparent purpose.


  • While London is exciting, it is much too busy.


  • Life in the city is fast, whereas life in the countryside is slow.


  • The agency will make travel arrangements for you. Alternatively, you can organize your own transport.


  •  Northern European countries had a great summer. On the contrary/conversely, southern Europe had poor weather.

Even so

  • Even so, many old friends were shocked at the announcement.

Differing from

  • Differing from his white colleagues, he preferred instructing his scholars to the ambition of acquiring personal renown.

Contrary to

  • The situation in Ireland is quite contrary to this principle.

Transition Words – COMPARISON

Function: Transitional words and transitional phrases to show how things are similar


  • Similarly, the basketball and hockey games draw nearly full attendance.


  •  Equally, not all customers are honest.


  • Her second marriage was likewise unhappy.

Just as

  • She’s just as smart as her sister.

Just like

  • Working with housecats is just like working with lions or tigers.

Similar to

  • Some people say I have a running style similar to him.

Same as

  • Having a power is not the same as using the power.

Compare / compare(d) to (with)

  • He gets the ball off quickly compared to two years ago.

By the same token

  • Teenagers should be more respectful; by the same token, parents should be more understanding.

In the same way

  • Alex enjoys telling jokes; in the same way/similarly, his son adores funny stories.


  • Correspondingly, the roles each of them played were soon different.

Transition Words – ORDER

1. Function: To indicate the order of what is being said

First/ firstly

  • Firstly, I prefer the train because I can see the landscape

Second/ secondly

  • Secondly, I have control over my luggage.

Third/ thirdly

  • Thirdly, it is better for the environment.


  • Finally, I got an A in Math.

At this time

  • At this time, the young man leapt into the air and flew off towards sunset.


  • They arrived on Monday evening and we got there the following day.


  • I had visited them three days previously.


  • Your name is before mine on the list.


  • Subsequently, new guidelines were issued to all employees.

2. Function: Transition words and phrases to mark the end of an ascending order

Above all

  • Above all, keep in touch.

Lastly and most importantly

  • Lastly, and most importantly, you should be optimistic.

Last but not least

  • Last but not least, I find I seriously cannot relate to women.

3. Definition: To mark the beginning of a descending order

First and foremost…

Transition Words – SUMMARY

Function: Transition words and phrases to sum up what has been previously stated

In conclusion

  • In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable and readily available form of exercise.

To summarise

  • To summarise, this is a clever approach to a common problem.


  • The food was good and we loved the music. Altogether it was a great evening.

In short

  • His novels belong to a great but vanished age. They are, in short, old-fashioned.

To sum up

  • To sum up, there are three main ways of tackling the problem…

In summary

  • In summary, this was a disappointing performance.


  • Briefly, our team is now one of the best in the world.

To conclude

  • To conclude, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Transitional Words – CONDITION

Function: To provide a condition to what has been stated


  • If anyone calls, tell them I’m not at home.

In that case

  • I’ve made up my mind.’ ‘In that case, there’s no point discussing it.

In case

  • Take an umbrella in case it rains.


  • Unless I’m mistaken, she was back at work yesterday.

Transition Words – CONCESSION

Function: To accept a point or idea with reservation


  • Admittedly, it is rather expensive but you don’t need to use much.

All the same

  • My parents treated us all the same when we were kids.

Up to a point

  • Their plan worked up to a point.

Even so

  • Even so, many old friends were shocked at the announcement.

In spite of

  • In spite of the fact that he is rich, he lives in a small house.

Although/Even though

  • Although/ Even though he is rich, he lives in a small house.

Even if

  • He is poor and has no house, but even if he had money, he wouldn’t buy a house.


  • She has the window open, however cold it is outside.

Transitional Words – GENERALISATION

Function: Transition words and phrases to make a general statement

As a rule

  • As a general rule vegetable oils are better for you than animal fats.

For the most part

  • For the most part, there are two types of lyric generators.

In general/ Generally

  • In general, Japanese cars are very reliable and breakdowns are rare.

On the whole

  • On the whole, I think it is a good idea but I would still like to study it further.


  • Overall, this is a very useful book.

In most cases

  • In most cases they escape the attention of the wider public.

Transitional Words – RESTATEMENT

Function: To express an alternative to what has been previously stated

In other words

  • In other words, the elephant is already dancing with the dragon.

To put it differently

  • To put it differently, we use one ear to listen to one another, the other ear to listen to the water.

Useful Transition Words and Phrases | Picture

All transitional words and transitional phrases in one table.

Transition Words

Transitional Words and Phrases | Video

All transition words and phrases in one video.

(Useful transition words and phrases in English).

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