100+ Useful Transitional Phrases (to Keep Your Writing Connected)

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Transitional phrases are words that putting together to link one idea to the next one. It is an essential part of a speech that not only improves the way you’re text is delivered but also shows coherence between the information mentioned. The major categories of transitional phrases include the additive, adversative, causal, and sequential ones. Each category is then divided into types, which will be enumerated shortly, along with the examples that you can apply to your writings. Some sample sentences are also presented to further illustrate how each type is used in a sentence.

Transitional Phrases

Examples Of Transitional Phrases


  • Addition: in addition (to), much less, let alone, not to mention, on the other hand, as well (as), aside from this, not only (but also)
  • Illustration: such as, for example, for instance, as an illustration, by way of example, to illustrate, to name, in particular
  • Reference: the fact that, with regards to, speaking about, talking about, as for (this), on the subject of, from this
  • Comparison: in the same way, in a similar manner, by the same token, in a like manner
  • Identification: more specifically, that is (to say), in particular
  • Clarification: I mean, in other words, to put it another way, simply put


  • Contrast: in contrast, when in fact, by way of contrast, on the contrary, in spite of, while this may be true
  • Dismissal: either way, whichever happens, whatever happens, in either event, in any case, at any rate, all the same
  • Emphasis: above all, even more, more importantly


  • Cause And Effect: for the reason that, due to, forasmuch as, inasmuch as, in view of, because of the fact that, as a result, for this reason
  • Condition: provided that, given that, as long as, so long as, on the condition that, in the event that
  • Purpose: for the purpose of, so that, with this intention, so as to
  • Consequence: under these/those circumstances, that being said, that being the case, if not, in that case


  • Numerical: in the first place, first of all, first and foremost, to start with, to begin with
  • Conclusion/Summary: in conclusion, in summary, to conclude, in the end, given these points, on the whole, in brief, all in all, all things considered, to put it briefly/simply, in a word, in sum

Sample Sentences

  • Addition: In addition to a balanced diet, regular exercise is also needed to become fit.
  • Illustration: Running, for example, is beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • Reference: Speaking about running, it also improves your mood while strengthening your muscles.
  • Comparison: In the same way, biking also offers many benefits that help you with your fitness goals.
  • Identification: The lower body, in particular, is the part that is always moving when you’re riding a bike.
  • Clarification: In other words, your legs, knees, hips, and glutes are the ones that are being strengthened.
  • Contrast: While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that biking is not beneficial for your heart.
  • Dismissal: With running or biking, either way, you will have an effective cardio workout.
  • Emphasis: A regulated blood flow, more importantly, is vital in having a healthy heart and mind.
  • Cause And Effect: For this reason, you have to engage in activities that will let your body move, thus allowing modulated blood flow.
  • Condition: Given that you don’t overwork yourself, both running and biking can be done to start your day right.
  • Purpose: Many fitness enthusiasts jog or bike every morning so that they would get energized all throughout the day.
  • Consequence: In that case, they will uphold their activities for the entire day with a healthy body and a happy mood.
  • Numerical: First of all, when you start running or biking, you must be in the proper outfit and do some stretching to avoid injuries.
  • Conclusion/Summary: To put it briefly, both running and biking, when done properly and regularly, will help you to become physically fit.

As you may have noticed, the sample sentences, when put together, could create a paragraph about running and biking. This is because the transitional phrases provide a smooth flow as the writer transfer from one idea to the other. They connect the concepts and express a relationship between them. Try using appropriate transitional words and phrases when writing your essay or article, and see how coherent your text becomes.

Transitional Phrases | Infographic

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