TRILL Meaning: What Does TRILL Mean? with Useful Examples 1

TRILL Meaning: What Does TRILL Mean? with Useful Examples

What does Trill mean? This article introduces the definition and usage of this internet slang term with ESL infographic and interesting conversation examples in English.

TRILL Meaning

What Does TRILL Mean?

When calling someone ‘trill’ you are calling them real. The meaning behind the term is, to be a down to earth type person. Being truly honest is being a ‘trill’ person. If you call someone ‘trill’ you are saying you have respect for them.

Origin of TRILL

‘Trill’ was first used in the 1990s in hip-hop songs to explain something that is authentic and/or genuine.

Conversation Examples

All the ways this online slang term gets used.

Example 1

  • Guy 1: Hey how you guys been?
  • Guy 2: Good
  • Girl: Very good, no complaints.
  • Guy 2: How about you man?
  • Guy 1: Just keeping it trill.

Here we have a conversation between friends who haven’t seen each other in a while and after being asked one explains he has been keeping it ‘trill’ another way of saying ‘keeping it real’.

Example 2

  • Guy 1: This party is awesome!
  • Girl 1: I know right!
  • Girl 2: Yeah but I have work tomorrow.
  • Guy 2: Me too.
  • Girl 1: Bummer.
  • Guy 1: You sure you guys can’t stay longer?
  • Girl 2: No sorry.
  • Guy 2: Yeah I’m out, keep it trill guys.

While leaving a party a guy tells his friends to keep it ‘trill’ as a way of saying, ‘keep it real and have a nice night’.

Example 3

  • Girl: Wow look at him work.
  • Guy: Yeah I know it isn’t even his house.
  • Girl: Really? So why is he fixing the roof? She hire him?
  • Guy: He wasn’t hired, he is just helping the old lady that lives there out.
  • Girl: How awesome.
  • Guy: Yeah he is trill.

Here you have a guy and girl watching another guy work on someone’s house just to be helpful. The guy working on the house is considered to be very kind and helpful making the two watching him have respect for his character and call him ‘trill’.

TRILL Meaning Infographic


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