“TTS” Meaning | What Is The Meaning of This Interesting Acronym “TTS”?

The acronym “TTS” stands for something that most people avoid using unless they absolutely have to. Most people’s experience with it is not positive. If you have recently encountered this acronym used online or in text messages and were wondering what it could possibly mean, then you have ventured to the right location. In this piece, you will discover the definition for the term, details about its first usage, and alternative meanings. Readers can also find some example conversations that you can use to personally aid you in further understanding the meaning and how the term is used. In conclusion, you will unearth some synonyms that can be utilized to replace this slang term that will not change its meaning.

TTS Meaning

What Does “TTS” Mean?

This term is frequently used online and in text messages to stand for “text to speech.” This is the title given to a program that allows a computer to convert a person speaking into words on a screen generated by the computer.

Origin of “TTS”

The first “text to speech” program originated in 1968 in Japan. It was created by Noriko Umeda who worked for the Electrotechnical Laboratory. The program evolved over the years via computers first and then was integrated into cellphones for hands-free text messaging purposes.

Other Meanings of “TTS”

Like most acronyms, this one can represent other phrases, official titles, processes, etc. as well. Some things this term can also stand for are “Two Tier Scheduling,” “Teacher Training School,” “True To Size,” “Time To Service,” and “Tape Tracking System.”

Conversation Examples

A text message conversation between mother and daughter.

  • Mother: You do know where are keys.
  • Daughter: What?
  • Mother: You know do where keys are.
  • Daughter: Wow mom, are you drunk?
  • Mother: OMG! No! This darn TTS never works! Do you know where my keys are?
  • Daughter: Lol! They are in my pocket. I will bring them down to you in just a minute.

Two Facebook users having an online conversation.

  • User 1: Never use TTS unless you want to explain yourself often.
  • User 2: LOL! That is so true! I cannot tell you how many times that thing has gotten me into trouble because it says I said something I never said.
  • User 1: HaHa! Same here. I avoid using it like the plague!

Synonyms of “TTS”

Since this slang term and what it stands for are the official name given to a computer program, there are no possible other words to replace them with that will not change its meaning.

“TTS” Meaning Infographic

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