Types of Doctors Vocabulary | Medical Practitioners & Specialists

Learn the names of different types of doctors in English.

Medical practitioners are qualified people who work as doctors in a hospital or private practice.

Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine (their specialty area)

Types of Doctors Vocabulary

Here are 12 types of doctors and specialists in various areas in health care profession.


– The surgeon is performing an eye operation.


– A paramedic bandaged his foot.


– I think you ought to see a psychologist.


– A nurse cleaned and bandaged the wound.

ENT doctor

– She had a sore throat. She needed to see ENT doctor.


– We had to wait for the pharmacist to make up prescription.

Consulting doctor

– He is a good consulting doctor.

Attending doctor

– Taylor wants to become an attending doctor.

Duty doctor

– I got the duty doctor to give her a blood test, for my eyes only.

Family doctor

– You should consult your family doctor for further advice.


– Shelly took the sick cat to a veterinarian.


– I went to my dentist to have a tooth taken out.

Types of Doctors Vocabulary | Picture

types of doctors

Cardiologist: A doctor who studies or treats heart diseases

Dentist: Someone whose job is to treat people’s teeth

Endocrinologist: A specially trained doctor who has a basic training in Internal Medicine as well.

General practitioner: A medical doctor who treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education to patients

Microbiologist: A scientist who studies microscopic life forms and processes

Nephrologist: A physician who studies and deals with nephrology

Surgeon: A doctor who does operations in a hospital

Obstetrician: A doctor who has special training in obstetrics

ENT Specialist: A surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat and related structures of the head and neck

Parasitologist: A scientist who studies parasites and their biology and pathology, such as the parasitic diseases caused by them

Pathologist: A physician/ medical doctor who specialises in pathology, which is the diagnosing of disease using organs, tissue, and body fluids

Pediatrician: A doctor who deals with children and their illnesses

Podiatrist: A doctor who takes care of people’s feet and treats foot diseases

Psychiatrist: A doctor trained in the treatment of mental illness

Emergency doctor: A doctor works at an emergency department to care for acutely ill patients

Veterinarian: Someone who is trained to give medical care and treatment to sick animals

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