Different Types of Houses: List of House Types with Pictures

When we think about houses, often the image of a single-family home comes to mind. However, there’s a vast world of diverse homes out there just waiting to be discovered. The variety of architecture, materials, and locations offers numerous options for homeowners and enthusiasts alike. In this article, we’ll explore various types of houses, revealing intriguing facts about each one.

As we journey through the exciting world of different types of houses, we’ll discover what makes each one special and how their designs and uses have evolved over time. Join us in this fascinating exploration, and who knows — you might just find your perfect home type among the many options available.

What Are Houses?

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When looking at the basics of houses, we often encounter several common types, such as single-family homescondominiums, and apartments. These types of residences provide us with a wide range of living options, from standalone homes with private yards to shared living spaces within larger buildings.

Of course, there are also many unique and unconventional house styles. For instance, floating homes are designed to be buoyant and typically built on water, while underground houses are built below the earth’s surface, often utilizing natural materials like soil for insulation. These types of houses allow us to explore creative and innovative ways of living in harmony with our environment.

Throughout history, different architectural styles have shaped house designs. From the simple and rustic cabin and cottage styles to more elaborate Victorian and Craftsman designs, architectural styles have evolved to reflect changing tastes and lifestyle needs. These styles showcase the incredible diversity of homes available and provide a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of each era and region.

List of Houses

Houses can be built in a large variety of configurations. Following are useful types of homes and housing in English illustrated with interesting images.

List of House Names

  • House
  • Hut
  • Hotel
  • Building
  • Farmhouse
  • Barn
  • Dormitory
  • Log cabin
  • Lighthouse
  • Nursing home
  • Castle
  • Block of Flats (U.K) – Apartment building (U.S)
  • Terraced houses
  • Villa
  • Skyscraper/high rise
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Detached house
  • Cottage
  • Igloo
  • Tent
  • Camper van
  • Single-family detached house
  • Townhouse
  • Duplex
  • Triplex
  • Condominium
  • Mobile home
  • Tiny house
  • Mansion
  • Bungalow
  • Ranch

Learn different home styles to increase your vocabulary words in English.

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Different Types of Houses: List of House Types with PicturesPin

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Different Names of Houses with Pictures


A building designed for people to live in, usually consisting of one or more rooms and a kitchen and bathroom.

  • Example: My parents bought a new house in the suburbs.

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A small, simple dwelling, usually made of natural materials such as wood or mud.

  • Example: The villagers built a small hut for the travelers to rest in.

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A commercial establishment that provides lodging, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists.

  • Example: We stayed at a luxurious hotel during our vacation in Paris.

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A structure with a roof and walls, such as a house, school, or office.

  • Example: The new building in the city center is a modern office complex.

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A house on a farm, typically used by the farmer and their family.

  • Example: The farmhouse had a large porch and a beautiful view of the fields.

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A large farm building used for storing crops, hay, and livestock.

  • Example: The farmer stored his hay in the barn to keep it dry.

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A large building containing many rooms for sleeping, typically used by students in a college or university.

  • Example: My son lives in a dormitory on campus during the school year.

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Log cabin

A small house made of logs, typically in a rural or wilderness setting.

  • Example: We rented a log cabin in the mountains for our family vacation.

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A tower or other structure with a bright light at the top, used to guide ships at sea.

  • Example: The lighthouse warned ships of the dangerous rocks near the shore.

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Nursing home

A residential facility for elderly or disabled people who require medical care and assistance.

  • Example: My grandmother lives in a nursing home where she receives round-the-clock care.

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A large, fortified building with towers and walls, typically built in the Middle Ages for protection.

  • Example: We visited the castle and learned about its history and architecture.

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Block of Flats (U.K) – Apartment building (U.S)

A large building with multiple apartments or flats for residents to live in.

  • Example: The block of flats had a gym and swimming pool for residents to use.

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Terraced houses

A row of houses that share side walls, often found in urban areas.

  • Example: The terraced houses in the city center were built in the 19th century.

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A large, luxurious house, often used as a vacation home.

  • Example: We rented a villa in Tuscany for our summer vacation and enjoyed the beautiful views of the countryside.

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Skyscraper/high rise

A tall building with many floors, often used for commercial or residential purposes.

Example: The new skyscraper in the city center is the tallest building in the country.

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Semi-detached houses

A pair of houses that share a common wall, but each house has its own entrance and garden.

Example: The semi-detached houses in the suburbs are popular among young families.

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Detached house

A single-family house that is not attached to any other buildings.

Example: The detached house had a large backyard and a swimming pool.

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A small, cozy house, often located in a rural or scenic area.

  • Example: We rented a cottage by the lake for a peaceful weekend getaway.

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A dome-shaped shelter made of snow or ice, traditionally used by the Inuit people in the Arctic.

  • Example: The Inuit family built an igloo to protect themselves from the harsh winter weather.

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A portable shelter made of fabric or other materials, often used for camping or outdoor activities.

  • Example: We pitched our tent in the woods and spent the night under the stars.

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Camper van

A vehicle that is equipped for living and sleeping, often used for road trips or camping.

  • Example: We rented a camper van and traveled across the country, stopping at national parks and scenic spots along the way.

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Types of Houses

Single Family Detached

Single-family homes are stand-alone houses designed for a single household. These homes often have a front and backyard, offering more space and privacy than other housing types. They’re popular among homeowners, with 82% of them living in single-family homes. These houses usually feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms, covering about 1,725 square feet.


A duplex is a residential building that consists of two separate living units, usually side by side or one above the other. Each unit has its own entrance, and both units share a common wall. Duplexes offer more privacy than apartments or condominiums, while still providing the benefits of shared maintenance and lower costs.


Townhouses are narrow, multi-story residences that share common walls with neighboring townhouses in a row. These homes typically have at least two stories, often extending to three or four levels. They provide a blend of privacy and low-maintenance living, making them popular choices for urban settings.


Condominiums, or condos, are multi-unit residential buildings where each unit is individually owned. They’re similar to apartments, but instead of renting, owners purchase their unit. Condominiums often come with shared amenities, such as a pool, gym, or outdoor space, and usually require owners to pay a monthly maintenance fee for shared expenses.


Apartments are multi-unit residential buildings where each unit is rented, rather than owned. They generally come in a variety of sizes, from studio apartments to multi-bedroom units. Apartment buildings can be low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise, and they usually include shared amenities and spaces that cater to urban living demands.

Mobile Home

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are a type of residential housing that is built off-site and transported to a final location. These homes are built on a steel chassis and feature a hitch for transportation, though they are normally set in place and not intended for frequent relocation. Mobile homes offer an affordable housing option that can be easily customized and upgraded, depending on the owner’s requirements.

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Around the House Vocabulary

Learn names of things around the house with pictures.

Types of Houses Video

Learn a list of house types video with American English pronunciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common types of houses?

When discussing houses, some common types you may come across include apartments, bungalows, townhouses, and detached houses. Apartments are multi-unit buildings where each unit is occupied by a different family. Bungalows are typically single-story houses with a simple layout. Townhouses are row houses that share walls with adjacent buildings, while detached houses are standalone houses built on individual plots of land.

Can you name some types of houses for kids?

Children may enjoy learning about various house types such as treehouses, playhouses, and igloos. Treehouses are structures built in the branches of a tree, often used for playtime or as a peaceful retreat. Playhouses are smaller structures designed for children to play in and can be placed in the backyard. Igloos are dome-shaped structures made from blocks of ice or snow, typically found in cold regions like the Arctic.

How do house designs vary worldwide?

House designs can greatly vary based on factors like climate, culture, and available resources. For example, in warm climates like the Mediterranean, you may find stone or stucco houses with flat tile roofs. In colder regions like Scandinavia, wooden homes with sharply pitched roofs are more common, as they help prevent snow accumulation. Additionally, house design may depend on cultural preferences like courtyard homes in China or ryokans in Japan.

What are some traditional types of houses?

Traditional houses are often designed to suit the local climate and surroundings. Examples of traditional houses include adobe houses made from sun-dried bricks found in places like Mexico, longhouses built on stilts in regions like Borneo, or yurts which are circular, tent-like structures used by nomadic people in Central Asia. These types of houses showcase diverse building styles from different cultures and time periods.

How can we categorize homes in English?

Homes can be categorized based on various factors including their size, structure, and purpose. For example, size categories include tiny houses, cottages, and mansions. Structure categories include mobile homes, terraced houses, and semi-detached houses. Purpose categories encompass primary residences, vacation homes, and rental properties. By using these categories, we can describe and discuss the many types of homes found in English-speaking countries.

Which house types are suitable for school projects?

School projects can focus on various house types like eco-friendly houses, historical house styles, and culturally unique houses. Eco-friendly houses could include passive solar homes, earthships, or houses built using recycled materials. Historical house styles might involve Victorian, Tudor, or Colonial styles. Culturally unique houses could feature traditional Japanese houses, bamboo homes in Southeast Asia, or castles in Europe. These examples can provide engaging and informative subjects for school projects.

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