When to Use NO ARTICLE in English | 7 Grammar Rules

Learn when to use no article in English with useful rules and examples.

When to Use No Article | 7 Rules

1. We usually use no article to talk about things in general.


Inflation is rising.

People are worried about rising crime. (Note! People generally, so no article)

2. We do not use an article when talking about sports and games.


My son plays football.

Tennis is expensive.

She play cricket.

3. Do not use article before the names of countries unless the name suggests that the country is made up of smaller units or constituent parts.








Use the – the UK (United Kingdom), the USA (United States of America), the Irish Republic… (Kingdom, state, republic and union are nouns, so they need an article.)

4. Do not use article before the name of language.

Examples: We are learning English.

5. Do not use article before the names of railway stations when they are also place names.

6. Do not use article before the names of meals if they refer to the meals generally, as a part of the daily routine.


I have breakfast at eight every morning.

We have lunch in the afternoon.

But the must be used when the meal is a particular one, thought of as a social function.


The dinner will be held at the Park Plaza.


7. Do not use article before noun + number.


The train to Paris leaves from platform 2.

Picture number 6 matches with ‘window’.

When to Use No Article | Video

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