Useful Adjective Collocations with Adverb, Noun & Adjective 1

Useful Adjective Collocations with Adverb, Noun & Adjective

Adjective Collocations! Learn useful collocations in English with examples and ESL picture: adjective + adjective; adjective + adverb; noun + adjective.

Adjective Collocations

Adjective + Adjective

Best possible

  • Getting a perfect score is the best possible result.

Neat and tidy

  • The class room and its equipment had to be very neat and tidy.

Safe and sound

  • He was weak for lack of food, but safe and sound.

Sick and tired

  • The boy was sick and tired of doing his lengthy homework assignment.

Adjective + Adverb

Best ever

  • In my opinion he was the best ever.

Close together

  • They stand close together, holding hands.

Good enough

  • This work is simply not good enough.

Noun + Adjective

Crystal clear

  • The water is crystal clear and drunk without any treatment.

Collocations with Adjective | Picture

Useful Adjective Collocations with Adverb, Noun & Adjective

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Supredo Manurung
Supredo Manurung

Alot like it


thank you very much sir for providing such a is very useful to learn and easy to learn.

Narendra Kumar
Narendra Kumar

Thanks for this.

Murugan Ambalakannu
Murugan Ambalakannu

Thank so much..this website has so many useful study materials…

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