“vCard” Meaning: What is a vCard?

What is a Vcard? English is a tricky language. On top of all of the regular vocabulary words, English also has a lot of slang and technical words. Sometimes, a particular word or phrase can serve as more than one of these, with just the slightest differences in capitalization and punctuation. This lesson focuses on one of those: vCard, or V-Card.

“vCard” Meaning

What Does “vCard” Mean?

The official meaning of vCard is “virtual card.” This is a digital record that stores contact information, or a “virtual business card.” They can be transferred from one device to another using text or email. In academic or professional settings, if you see or hear someone refer to a vCard, this is likely the version of the word that they mean.

The slang version of the word means something entirely different. V-Card is a shortened form of “virgin card,” which is another way to refer to a person’s virginity. It places a lot of importance on the first time having sex, while simultaneously minimizing or trivializing it.

Origin of “vCard”

vCards originated decades ago, with improvements starting regularly in 1998. The first virtual cards held very basic data. Now, vCards can redirect people to landing pages, giving information just like a full website would. This information, of course, includes contact information like you would find on a printed business card.

The V-Card is a euphemism for virginity has been around for a very long time as well. Its evolution is not as clear, but it has been used by teens and young adults for decades. It is a shortening of “Virgin Card.”

Other Meanings of “vCard”

Aside from the two primary meanings, there are no other common meanings for any way to write vCard.

Who Uses “vCard”?

Most people old enough to communicate via technology could recognize vCard in text. The specific combination of lowercase V, uppercase C, and no spaces makes vCard very specific. When it’s said out loud, vCard is more likely to be used in corporate business settings.

Saying it out loud in most settings means people will hear V-Card, in reference to virginity. Most teens and adults are at least passingly familiar with this term.

When to Use “vCard”

You can use vCard when referring to a virtual business card, but be aware that if you say it out loud, it might be mistaken for V-Card.

Use V-Card only in settings where it’s appropriate. Use caution in settings of mixed ages or mixed genders or mixed cultures. If it’s a group of people who you’ve heard use it, then it’s probably safe to use.

Examples of “vCard”

Here are some ways you might see or hear this term used.

Examples in Statements

  • I’ll attach my vCard.
  • I gave up my V-Card last night!

Examples in Conversation

  • Person 1: Want me to send a vCard?
  • Person 2: Yeah, send me those deets.
  • Person 1: You still have your V-Card?
  • Person 2: That’s none of your business.

In the first example, “deets” is short for “details.”

Alternatives to “vCard”

A vCard is also referred to as an e-card or a virtual contact file. The easiest way to make sure you aren’t misunderstood is to ask for or offer “contact information.”

Instead of V-Card, you can say “virginity.”

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