Verb + From: 30+ Common Combinations with FROM

Combinations with FROM are an important concept in mathematics and statistics. They are used to determine the number of ways in which a certain number of items can be selected from a larger set. This can be useful in a variety of fields, including business, science, and engineering.

List of Combinations with FROM

  • Bar from
  • Benefit from
  • Borrow from
  • Derive from
  • Deter from
  • Differ from
  • Distinguish from
  • Distract from
  • Choose from
  • Come from
  • Escape from
  • Exempt from
  • Expel from
  • Emerge from
  • Expect from
  • Forbid from
  • Graduate from
  • Hear from
  • Hide from
  • Prevent from
  • Prohibit from
  • Protect from
  • Recover from
  • Refrain from
  • Rescue from
  • Resign from
  • Rest from
  • Result from
  • Save from
  • Separate from
  • Stem from
  • Stop from
  • Subtract from
  • Suffer from

Common Combinations with FROM

Combinations with FROM

Combinations with From with Example Sentences

Bar from

  • Meaning: To prohibit or prevent someone from entering or participating in something.
  • Example: The bouncer barred him from entering the nightclub because he was too intoxicated.

Benefit from

  • Meaning:  To gain an advantage or profit from something.
  • Example: She was able to benefit from the scholarship to attend college.

Borrow from

  • Meaning: To take or use something temporarily with the intention of returning it.
  • Example: I need to borrow some money from the bank to buy a new car.

Derive from

  • Meaning: To originate or come from a particular source or cause.
  • Example: The word “gymnasium” derives from the Greek word “gymnasion.”

Deter from

  • Meaning: To discourage or dissuade someone from doing something.
  • Example: The warning signs deterred people from swimming in the dangerous waters.

Differ from

  • Meaning: To be distinct or dissimilar from something or someone else.
  • Example: The two paintings differ from each other in color and style.

Distinguish from

  • Meaning: To recognize or identify the differences between two or more things or people.
  • Example: Let’s distinguish the original painting from the replica.

Distract from

  • Meaning: To divert or draw someone’s attention away from something.
  • Example: The loud music distracted her from studying for her exam.

Choose from

  • Meaning: To select or pick from a number of options or alternatives.
  • Example: The menu had a variety of options to choose from.

Come from

  • Meaning: To originate or have one’s roots in a particular place or background.
  • Example: My family originally comes from Germany.

Escape from

  • Meaning: To get away from or avoid a dangerous or unpleasant situation or place.
  • Example: The prisoner was able to escape from the jail and evade the police.

Exempt from

  • Meaning: To be free or immune from a particular obligation or requirement.
  • Example: She was exempt from paying taxes due to her disability.

Expel from

  • Meaning: To force or remove someone from a place or organization.
  • Example: He was expelled from school for cheating on the exam.

Emerge from

  • Meaning: To come out or appear from a particular place or situation.
  • Example: The butterfly emerged from its cocoon and spread its wings for the first time.

Expect from

  • Meaning: To anticipate or look forward to a particular outcome or result.
  • Example: What can we expect from the new employee?

Forbid from

  • Meaning: To prohibit or make something illegal or not allowed.
  • Example: The sign forbids people from smoking in the park.

Graduate from

  • Meaning: To complete or receive a degree or diploma from a particular educational institution.
  • Example: He graduated from college with a degree in engineering and landed a job at a top firm.

Hear from

  • Meaning: To receive news or information from someone.
  • Example: I haven’t heard from my best friend in a while and I’m starting to get worried.

Hide from

  • Meaning: To conceal or keep oneself away from someone or something.
  • Example: The cat likes to hide from its owner when it’s time to take a bath.

Prevent from

  • Meaning: To stop or hinder someone from doing something.
  • Example: Can you install a fence to prevent the dog from running away?

Prohibit from

  • Meaning:  To forbid or make something illegal or not allowed.
  • Example: The law prohibits people from driving under the influence of alcohol.

Protect from

  • Meaning: To shield or safeguard someone or something from danger or harm.
  • Example: Wearing a helmet can protect your head from injury during a bike accident.

Recover from

  • Meaning: To regain health or strength after an illness or injury.
  • Example: She was able to recover from her illness after taking a few days off from work.

Refrain from

  • Meaning:  To abstain or avoid doing something.
  • Example: It’s important to refrain from making offensive comments or jokes.

Rescue from

  • Meaning: To save or deliver someone from a dangerous or difficult situation.
  • Example: The firefighters were able to rescue the people from the burning building.

Resign from

  • Meaning: To formally give up or step down from a position or job.
  • Example: He decided to resign from his job to pursue his dream of traveling the world.

Rest from

  • Meaning: To take a break or pause from work or activity.
  • Example: After a long day at work, I like to rest from my responsibilities by taking a relaxing bath.

Result from

  • Meaning: To be caused or produced by a particular action or event.
  • Example: The traffic jam resulted from a car accident on the highway.

Save from

  • Meaning: To divide or disconnect something or someone from a larger group or whole.
  • Example: The life jacket was able to save the swimmer from drowning in the rough waters.

Separate from

  • Meaning: To originate or arise from a particular cause or source.
  • Example: We need to separate the recyclable materials from the non-recyclable materials to properly dispose of them.

Stem from

  • Meaning: To originate or arise from a particular cause or source.
  • Example: Her fear of heights stems from a traumatic experience she had as a child.

Stop from

  • Meaning: To prevent or hinder someone from doing something.
  • Example: The police officer was able to stop the thief from stealing the woman’s purse.

Subtract from

  • Meaning: To take away or deduct a quantity from a larger amount.
  • Example: We need to subtract the cost of materials from the total revenue to calculate our profit.

Suffer from

  • Meaning: To experience or be affected by a particular illness, condition, or problem.
  • Example: He suffers from a chronic illness and needs to take medication to manage his symptoms.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. She needs to ___________ her friend from the bad influence of her new boyfriend.

Answer: Protect from

  1. He always tries to ___________ his children from the dangers of the internet.

Answer: Shield from

  1. She suffers from allergies and needs to ___________ pollen during the spring.

Answer: Avoid from

  1. He was ___________ the responsibility of managing the project from his boss.

Answer: Assigned from

  1. She decided to ___________ the old furniture from the house before moving in.

Answer: Remove from

  1. They need to ___________ the harmful chemicals from the water supply.

Answer: Purify from

  1. He was ___________ the opportunity to learn a new language from his teacher.

Answer: Offered from

  1. She wants to ___________ herself from the negative energy of toxic people.

Answer: Distance from

  1. He tried to ___________ his friend from the embarrassment of the situation.

Answer: Save from

  1. She needs to ___________ her skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Answer: Protect from

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Combinations with FROM

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