16 Common Verb Preposition Combinations – the Preposition ON

Learn useful verb preposition combinations in English with the preposition ON.

List of Verb Prepositions Collocations – the Preposition ON.

Collocation Examples

Useful Verb Preposition Combinations with ON

Agree on

  • We always agree on the best course of action.

Base on

  • I base my conclusions on market research.

Be on

  • She is on Peter to do his best.

Blame on

  • She blames the lack of interest on the teacher’s poor explanation.

Comment on

  • I don’t feel I can comment on their decision.

Concentrate on

  • They concentrate their efforts on improving the infrastructure.

Congratulate on

  • I congratulate you on your new job!

Count on

  • You can count on me anytime.

Depend on

  • We depend on our customers’ suggestions.

Elaborate on

  • Can you elaborate on the process?

Impose on

  • The mother imposed severe restrictions on her daughter.

Insist on

  • I insist on Peter’s studying every day for two hours.

Play on

  • Advertisements often play on people’s fears.

Pride on

  • I like to pride myself on my ability to concentrate.

Rely on

  • Can we rely on this old car to get us there?

Work on

  • She is working on a new novel.

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