120+ Useful Verb Preposition Combinations in English

Verbs with Prepositions! Useful list of common verb preposition collocations with examples and ESL pictures. Learn verb + preposition combinations to help your English sound fluently and naturally like native speakers.

Learn more with useful prepositional phrases list with examples and pictures.

Verb Preposition Collocations

Verbs with Prepositions: TO

Learn useful verb collocations with the preposition TO in English.

  • Adapt to
  • Add to
  • Agree to
  • Apologize to
  • Belong to
  • Consent to
  • Devote to
  • Happen to
  • Lead to
  • Listen to
  • Object to
  • React to
  • Refer to
  • Reply to
  • Speak to
  • Talk to
  • Turn to

Verbs + Prepositions: FOR

List of common verbs followed by the preposition FOR.

  • Admire for
  • Apologize for
  • Apply for
  • Ask for
  • Blame for
  • Care for
  • Excuse for
  • Head for
  • Long for
  • Pay for
  • Pray for
  • Prepare for
  • Scold for
  • Search for
  • Vote for
  • Wait for
  • Wish for
  • Work for

Verbs + Prepositions: FROM

List of useful verb preposition collocations in English – the preposition FROM.

  • Abstain from
  • Borrow from
  • Escape from
  • Graduate from
  • Hide from
  • Infer from
  • Prevent from
  • Prohibit from
  • Protect from
  • Recover from
  • Rescue from
  • Resign from
  • Retire from
  • Save from
  • Separate from
  • Stem from
  • Suffer from

Verbs with Prepositions: ON

Learn common verb preposition combinations with the preposition ON in English.

  • Agree on
  • Base on
  • Be on
  • Blame on
  • Comment on
  • Concentrate on
  • Congratulate on
  • Count on
  • Depend on
  • Elaborate on
  • Impose on
  • Insist on
  • Play on
  • Pride on
  • Rely on
  • Work on

Verb Preposition Collocations: AT

  • Aim at
  • Arrive at
  • Glance at
  • Guess at
  • Hint at
  • Laugh at
  • Look at
  • Marvel at
  • Peer at
  • Point at
  • Smile at
  • Stare at
  • Wink at

Verb + Preposition: ABOUT

Learn common verb collocations with the preposition ABOUT.

  • Argue about
  • Ask about
  • Be about
  • Boast about
  • Care about
  • Concern about
  • Decide about
  • Dream about
  • Forget about
  • Know about
  • Laugh about
  • Protest about
  • Think about
  • Worry about

Verbs + Prepositions: WITH

Learn frequently used prepositions after verbs – the preposition WITH.

  • Acquaint with
  • Agree with
  • Associate with
  • Charge with
  • Clutter with
  • Coincide with
  • Collide with
  • Compare with
  • Comply with
  • Confront with
  • Confuse with
  • Cover with
  • Cram with
  • Deal with
  • Discuss with
  • Help with
  • Tamper with
  • Trust with

Verbs with Prepositions: IN

Learn useful preposition collocations with verbs – IN in English.

  • Absorb in
  • Arrive in
  • Be engrossed in
  • Believe in
  • Confide in
  • Implicate in
  • Involve in
  • Participate in
  • Result in
  • Specialize in
  • Succeed in
  • Trust in

Verbs with Prepositions | Images

Verb Preposition Combinations in English | Image 1

Verb Preposition Combinations in English | Image 1

Common Verb Preposition Combinations in English | Image 2

Verb Preposition Combinations in English | Image 2

Examples of Verb Preposition Collocations

  • The boys argued about which bus to take.
  • He always cares about me.
  • Don’t forget about the party you promised.
  • The students protested about the invasion.
  • Don’t worry about me. I’ll be all right.
  • base my conclusions on market research.
  • She blames the lack of interest on the teacher’s poor explanation.
  • You can count on me anytime.
  • Can you elaborate on the process?
  • I like to pride myself on my ability to concentrate.
  • She is working on a new novel.
  • She had to apologized to the whole family.
  • I think you should apply yourself to getting a degree.
  • Professor Samson attributes this painting to Leonardo.
  • She committed herself to finding a new job.
  • There is no need for you to consent to anything.
  • Can you explain Andrew to me?
  • Have you been invited to their party?
  • object to your opinion.
  • I want to apologize for my mistakes.
  • I‘m for Mayor Martini.
  • All three are to be congratulated for doing so well.
  • I can’t excuse myself for not doing it.
  • Let me pay for Tom.
  • Rose scolded the child gently for her bad behavior.
  • I can vouch for her ability to work hard.
  • He always agrees with my opinion.
  • These mountains do not compare with the Himalayas.
  • She covered her face with her hands.
  • I’d like to discuss our next conference with the boss.
  • Peter packed his case with extra brochures.
  • We looked around the school and talked with the principal.
  • He derived the meaning from the context of the sentence.
  • Please distract Tim from the television.
  • The children were expelled from school for their bad behavior.
  • She seemed totally absorbed in her book.
  • You should participate in this training course
  • John succeeded in getting a new job.

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