Verb + For: 27 Common Combinations with FOR

When it comes to programming, loops are an essential tool for efficiently executing repetitive tasks. One type of loop that can be particularly useful is the FOR loop. In combination with other programming concepts, such as arrays and conditional statements, FOR loops can be used to generate and manipulate combinations of data.

List of Combinations with FOR

  • Account for
  • Admire for
  • Allow for
  • Apologize for
  • Ask for
  • Be for
  • Blame for
  • Care for
  • Charge for
  • Congratulate for
  • Count for
  • Earmark for
  • Excuse for
  • Forgive for
  • Keep for
  • Pay for
  • Pray for
  • Prepare for
  • Scold for
  • Search for
  • Substitute for
  • Thank for
  • Vote for
  • Vouch for
  • Wait for
  • Wish for
  • Work for

Common Combinations with FOR 

combinations with for

Combinations with For with Example Sentences

Account for

  • Meaning: To explain or justify something, or to take responsibility for something.
  • Example: We need to account for all the expenses before submitting the report.

Admire for

  • Meaning: To praise or appreciate someone for something they have done or achieved.
  • Example: I admire her for her dedication to her work.

Allow for

  • Meaning:  To make provision or consideration for something, or to give permission for something to happen.
  • Example: We need to allow for extra time in case of traffic delays.

Apologize for

  • Meaning: To express regret or remorse for something that one has done wrong or caused harm.
  • Example: He apologized for his rude behavior at the party.

Ask for

  • Meaning: To request or seek something from someone.
  • Example: If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Be for

  • Meaning: To be in favor of something or someone.
  • Example: I‘m for the proposal because it will benefit the community.

Blame for

  • Meaning:  To hold responsible or accountable for something negative that has happened.
  • Example: She was unfairly blamed for the mistake.

Care for

  • Meaning: To look after or take care of someone or something.
  • Example: We need to care for the environment and protect it for future generations.

Charge for

  • Meaning: To demand payment for a product or service.
  • Example: The restaurant charges for extra toppings on their pizzas.

Congratulate for

  • Meaning: To express joy or praise for someone’s achievement or success.
  • Example: We should congratulate her for her recent promotion.

Count for

  • Meaning: To be significant or important in a particular situation or outcome.
  • Example: Every vote counts for the final outcome of the election.

Earmark for

  • Meaning: To reserve or allocate something for a specific purpose or use.
  • Example: The funds have been earmarked for the construction of a new library.

Excuse for

  • Meaning: To provide a reason or explanation for something that has gone wrong or not been done.
  • Example: There’s no excuse for being late without a valid reason.

Forgive for

  • Meaning: To pardon or absolve someone for a mistake or wrongdoing.
  • Example: It’s important to forgive others for their mistakes.

Keep for

  • Meaning: To retain or hold onto something for a future use or purpose.
  • Example: I’m going to keep this book for future reference.

Pay for

  • Meaning: To provide monetary compensation for a product or service.
  • Example: I need to pay for my groceries at the checkout.

Pray for

  • Meaning: To offer a petition or request to a higher power for someone’s well-being or success.
  • Example: We should pray for those affected by the natural disaster.

Prepare for

  • Meaning: To make ready or plan for something that is expected to happen.
  • Example: It’s important to prepare for the upcoming exam to ensure success.

Scold for

  • Meaning: To reprimand or criticize someone for a mistake or misbehavior.
  • Example: He was scolded for his bad behavior in class.

Search for

  • Meaning:  To look for something that is lost or missing.
  • Example: The police are searching for the missing child.

Substitute for

  • Meaning: To replace or fill in for something or someone.
  • Example: We can use almond milk as a substitute for dairy milk in recipes.

Thank for

  • Meaning: To express gratitude or appreciation for something that has been done or received.
  • Example: I want to thank you for your help with the project.

Vote for

  • Meaning: To choose or support a candidate or proposal in an election or decision-making process.
  • Example: I’m going to vote for the candidate who best represents my values.

Vouch for

  • Meaning: To give assurance or guarantee for someone’s character or trustworthiness.
  • Example: I can vouch for his honesty and integrity.

Wait for

  • Meaning:  To remain in a place or position until something happens or someone arrives.
  • Example: We need to wait for the bus to arrive.

Wish for

  • Meaning: To express a desire or hope for something to happen or be true.
  • Example: I wish for world peace and harmony.

Work for

  • Meaning: To be employed by or to put effort into achieving a particular goal or outcome.
  • Example: He works for a non-profit organization that helps the homeless.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. The missing funds were finally ___________ and accounted for.

Answer: Account for

  1. She ___________ her mother for her strength and resilience.

Answer: Admire for

  1. He needs to ___________ extra time for traffic when planning his commute.

Answer: Allow for

  1. He had to ___________ the mistake he made and apologize for it.

Answer: Apologize for

  1. She decided to ___________ a raise after working hard for a year.

Answer: Ask for

  1. He’s ___________ the idea of a more sustainable future and supports green initiatives.

Answer: Be for

  1. They ___________ the company for the financial loss it incurred.

Answer: Blame for

  1. She always ___________ her friends and family when they need help.

Answer: Care for

  1. The restaurant ___________ a fee for delivery services.

Answer: Charge for

  1. They ___________ their friend for his recent achievement.

Answer: Congratulate for