Verb + To: 35+ Common Combinations with TO

Combinations with “TO” are a common topic in English grammar. The use of “TO” in combinations can be confusing for learners, but it is an important aspect of the language. In this article, we will explore the different ways “TO” can be used in combinations and provide examples to help clarify its usage.

List of Combinations with TO

  • Add to
  • Admit to
  • Answer to
  • Apologize to
  • Appeal to
  • Apply oneself to
  • Ask to
  • Attend to
  • Attribute to
  • Be resigned to
  • Belong to
  • Commit to
  • Complain to
  • Confess to
  • Confess to
  • Contribute to
  • Devote to
  • Explain to
  • Happen to
  • Introduce to
  • Invite to
  • Listen to
  • Look forward to
  • Matter to
  • Object to
  • Pray to
  • Prefer to
  • React to
  • Refer to
  • Resort to
  • Respond to
  • See to
  • Speak to
  • Subject to
  • Subscribe to
  • Talk to
  • Travel to

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Combinations with To with Example Sentences

Add to

  • Meaning: To increase or enhance something by including more of it.
  • Example: The mistake will not add to your credibility.

Admit to

  • Meaning: To confess or acknowledge something, often something negative or embarrassing.
  • Example: The suspect finally admitted to the crime.

Answer to

  • Meaning: To be accountable or responsible to someone or something, often a higher authority.
  • Example: How does the government agency answer to the public?

Apologize to

  • Meaning: To express regret or remorse for something and ask for forgiveness.
  • Example: They apologized to the community for the noise.

Appeal to

  • Meaning: To attract or interest someone, often emotionally or persuasively.
  • Example: The charity’s mission appeals to many donors.

Apply oneself to

  • Meaning: To focus one’s efforts or attention on a particular task or goal.
  • Example: He applied himself to learning a new language and became fluent in a few months.

Ask to

  • Meaning: To request or inquire about something from someone.
  • Example: Can a customer ask to speak to a different representative?

Attend to

  • Meaning:  To give one’s attention or focus to something, often a task or responsibility.
  • Example: The waiter will attend to your table shortly.

Attribute to

  • Meaning: To credit or assign something to a particular source or cause.
  • Example: The failure of the project cannot be attributed to any one person.

Be resigned to

  • Meaning:  To accept or come to terms with something, often something undesirable or unpleasant.
  • Example: He was resigned to the fact that he wouldn’t get the job.

Belong to

  • Meaning: To be a member or part of a particular group or organization.
  • Example: The painting doesn’t belong to the museum.

Commit to

  • Meaning: To make a promise or pledge to something, often a goal or cause.
  • Example: Why is it important to commit to personal goals and aspirations?

Complain to

  • Meaning:  To express dissatisfaction or frustration to someone about something.
  • Example: The passenger complained to the airline about the delayed flight.

Confess to

  • Meaning: To admit or acknowledge something, often something negative or embarrassing.
  • Example: The student confessed to cheating on the test.

Consent to

  • Meaning:  To give permission or approval for something to happen or take place.
  • Example: The employee didn’t consent to the change in their work schedule.

Contribute to

  • Meaning: To give or provide something, often in a supportive or helpful way.
  • Example:
  • The artist’s work contributed to the cultural landscape of the city.

Devote to

  • Meaning: To dedicate or commit oneself to a particular task, goal, or cause.
  • Example: She doesn’t devote enough time to her family.

Explain to

  • Meaning: To provide information or clarification to someone about something.
  • Example: Can you explain the concept of supply and demand to me?

Happen to

  • Meaning: To occur or take place to someone or something.
  • Example: The idea happened to the entrepreneur in a moment of inspiration.

Introduce to

  • Meaning: To present or make someone familiar with someone or something.
  • Example: Can you introduce me to your friend who is a musician?

Invite to

  • Meaning: To ask or request someone to attend or participate in something.
  • Example: Who are you planning to invite to the wedding?

Listen to

  • Meaning: To pay attention or give one’s ear to someone or something.
  • Example: How often do you listen to the news on the radio or TV?

Look forward to

  • Meaning: To anticipate or be excited about something that is going to happen.
  • Example: The couple looks forward to their vacation in Hawaii.

Matter to

  • Meaning: To be important or significant to someone or something.
  • Example: The opinion of the critics doesn’t matter to the artist.

Object to

  • Meaning: To express opposition or disagreement to something.
  • Example: The community objects to the construction of the new highway.

Pray to

  • Meaning: To make a request or appeal to a higher power or deity.
  • Example: Do you pray to a higher power or deity?

Prefer to

  • Meaning: To have a preference or liking for something over something else.
  • Example: The reader prefers paper books to e-books.

React to

  • Meaning: To respond or behave in a particular way to something.
  • Example: How do you react to criticism or feedback?

Refer to

  • Meaning: To mention or allude to something, often in a specific or detailed way.
  • Example: The artist refers to nature for inspiration.

Resort to

  • Meaning: To use or employ something as a last option or alternative.
  • Example: The government resorts to imposing taxes to fund social services.

Respond to

  • Meaning:  To answer or reply to someone or something.
  • Example: How do you usually respond to criticism or feedback?

See to

  • Meaning: To take care of or attend to something, often a task or responsibility.
  • Example: The parent will see to their child’s education.

Speak to

  • Meaning:  To address or communicate with someone about something.
  • Example: I speak to my best friend every day.

Subject to

  • Meaning: To be susceptible or vulnerable to something, often a negative outcome or consequence.
  • Example: The project is subject to approval by the supervisor.

Subscribe to

  • Meaning: To sign up or register for a service or publication.
  • Example: What kind of magazines or newsletters do you subscribe to?

Talk to

  • Meaning: To converse or communicate with someone about something.
  • Example: The teacher talks to the students about the importance of studying.

Travel to

  • Meaning: To journey or go to a particular destination.
  • Example: Have you ever traveled to a foreign country before?


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