Verbs & Prepositions: 35+ Common Verb Collocations with TO 1

Verbs & Prepositions: 35+ Common Verb Collocations with TO

Learn Verbs & Prepositions collocations in English – useful verb collocations with the preposition TO.

Collocation Examples

Useful Verb Collocations with the Preposition TO

Add to

  • Her comments will add to the uncertainty of the situation.

Admit to

  • He admitted to being late three times.

Answer to

  • I answer to Ms Smith.

Apologize to

  • She had to apologized to the whole family.

Appeal to

  • Let me appeal to you for your help in this matter.

Apply oneself to

  • I think you should apply yourself to getting a degree.

Ask to

  • She asked to see Professor Fenton.

Attend to

  • Chris attended to doing the grocery shopping.

Attribute to

  • Professor Samson attributes this painting to Leonardo.

Be resigned to

  • I’m resigned to not having any success in that field.

Belong to

  • The uniform looks like it belonged to a museum collection.

Commit to

  • She committed herself to finding a new job.

Complain to

  • I’m going to complain to the manager about this.

Confess to

  • The boy confessed to stealing the apple.

Confess to

  • There is no need for you to consent to anything.

Contribute to

  • Please contribute to the fund for the needy.

Devote to

  • I’m going to devote myself to playing the piano after I retire.

Explain to

  • Can you explain Andrew to me?

Happen to

  • Something awful happened to your car.

Introduce to

  • Allow me to introduce myself to you.

Invite to

  • Have you been invited to their party?

Listen to

  • She listens to the radio in the car.

Look forward to

  • I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Matter to

  • Other people’s opinions don’t matter to me.

Object to

  • I object to your opinion.

Pray to

  • She prayed to God for an end to her sufferings.

Prefer to

  • I prefer roast potatoes to French fries.

React to

  • He reacted poorly to the news.

Refer to

  • I referred Ken to Doctor Jones.

Resort to

  • Please don’t resort to violence.

Respond to

  • When are you going to respond to my letter?

See to

  • I’ll see to those chores.

Speak to

  • The President refused to speak to the waiting journalists.

Subject to

  • She subjected her daughter to swimming lessons.

Subscribe to

  • We subscribe to several sports channels.

Talk to

  • Who were you talking to just now?

Travel to

  • I travel to work by train.

Useful Verb Collocations with the Preposition TO | Image 1


Useful Verb Collocations with the Preposition TO | Image 2

verb collocations with the preposition TO

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