260+ Common Verbs that Start with R in English

This article in specific talks about verbs that start with R. Below you’ll find a super list of words to search through for your perfect ‘R’ verb with variations of each word.

Verbs that Start with R

What Is a Verb?

First, let’s talk about what a verb is. Verbs and nouns are the most commonly understood ‘word terms’ in the English language, specifically nouns. We all know nouns are a person, place, or thing, but here’s a refresher on what a verb is, just to make sure you’re covered. A verb is an action word. In other words, it’s anything you or an object can physically do.

You might not have thought of words like fall, break, or burn as action words, but just think about it for a second. A vase can fall and break. It’s doing something, which means fall and break are action words. If a pile of wood is burning, that’s what it’s doing. It’s an action word, which would be a verb.

List of Verbs that Start with R

Below is the super list of verbs that start with the letter R.

race racing raced
range ranging ranged
run running ran
ring ringing rang
rip ripping ripped
reflect reflecting reflected
read reading
respond responding responded
rate rating rated
raid raiding raided
request requesting requested
roar roaring roared
rush rushing rushed
repeat repeating repeated
replace replaced replaced
rescue rescuing rescued
remember remembering remembered
radiate radiating radiated
raise raising raised
ruin ruining ruined
retire retiring retired
rap rapping rapped
roll rolling rolled
return returning returned
rent renting rented
render rendering rendered
rid ridding ridden
ride riding road
rain raining rained
recover recovering recovered
require requiring required
revel revel reveling
reel reeling reeled
rhyme rhyming rhymed
respect respecting respected
reduce reducing reduced
report reporting reported
remain remaining remained
rot rotting rotten
resend resending resent
resent resenting resented
rock rocking rocked
realize realizing realized
regulate regulating regulated
redo redoing redid
replay replaying replayed
resign resigning resigned
recognize recognizing recognized
retain retaining retained
reach reaching reached
repent repenting repented
regenerate regenerating regenerated
reiterate reiterating reiterated
reorganize reorganizing reorganized
reminisce reminiscing reminisced
react reacting reacted
recall recalling recalled
receive receiving received
relate relating related
risk risking risked
reign reigning reigned
resist resisting resisted
regret regretting regretted
relax relaxing relaxed
roast roasting roasted
reply replying replied
rinse rinsing rinsed
rely relying relied
relay relaying relayed
remind reminding reminded
rejoice rejoicing rejoiced
repair repairing repaired
represent representing represented
rise rising rose
relieve relieving relieved
relive reliving relived
refuse refusing refused
rename renaming renamed
refer referring referred
recommend recommending recommended
recollect recollecting recollected
record recording recorded
reproduce reproducing reproduced
rob robbing robbed
rub rubbing rubbed
release releasing released
remove removing removed

Hopefully, you enjoyed this massive list of verbs that start with R and you found what you’re looking for. Verbs are happening all around you if you keep an eye out for them. You hear them virtually every time you have a conversation, listen to music, or watch TV. All you have to do is pay attention and remember that verbs are words that describe ANY sort of action happening around you, even if it’s something as simple as your couch ‘sitting’ there.

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