15 Examples of Verbs that Start with X in English

A wonderful list of verbs that start with X in English. Verbs are essential to constructing sentences in English because they help us convey our actions in all tenses. However, some letters are more common for verbs than others, and, as the 4th least-used letter in the alphabet, it’s unsurprising that we don’t often find ourselves using words that start with X in everyday conversation.

Verbs that start with X

What Are Verbs Starting with X?

Verbs that start with X are examples of these ‘doing words’ that start with the letter X. X appears often as the second letter in words, following vowels like A, E, and O, but it’s quite rare to see it appear as the first letter. It’s even rarer to see a word that begins with X functioning as a verb due to the lack of ‘action words’ for them to describe.

So, when it does appear at the start of a word, we take notice of the letter X and are subsequently more likely to remember it. If you examine the range of your vocabulary, it’s unlikely that you’ll note lots of words beginning with X, so actively seeking them out and learning them is a great way to train up your brain.

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Verbs that Start with X

List of Verbs that Start with X

If you’re looking for a challenge when it comes to language, learning English X verbs is one of the best. This is because they are all multi-syllabic and the spellings can be tricky to remember at first. However, with practice, you’ll soon be able to recall a list of verbs that start with X off the top of your head.

Below, you’ll find some X verbs that are quite recognizable in different types of conversation:

  • Xerox
  • Xylophone
  • X-ray
  • Xerograph
  • X-irradiate
  • X-out
  • Xfer
  • Xerocopy
  • Xeriscape
  • Xylograph
  • Xanthate
  • X
  • Xxencode
  • Xylosylate
  • X-radiate

Verbs that Start with X with Examples

Verbs Examples
Xerox “Please xerox these documents for me.”
Xylophone “He xylophones beautifully in the band.”
X-ray “They will x-ray your arm to check for damage.”
Xerograph “The artist xerographed a series of prints to sell at the gallery.”
X-irradiate “The lab will x-irradiate the samples today.”
X-out “You need to x-out that mistake.”
Xfer “Can you xfer the files to my computer?”
Xerocopy “I need to xerocopy this report before the meeting.”
Xeriscape “He decided to xeriscape his yard for water conservation.”
Xylograph “The woodcut artist used special tools to xylograph a beautiful image onto the block of wood.”
Xanthate “The chemist synthesized a new compound by xanthating the alcohol with carbon disulfide.”
X “Can you please x the incorrect answer?”
Xxencode “The program will xxencode the file for security purposes.”
Xylosylate “The enzyme can xylosylate certain proteins.”
X-radiate “The machine will x-radiate the food to preserve it.”

Common Verbs that Start with X and their Meanings

Admittedly, verbs that begin with the letter X are rare, so there aren’t many of them that we would consider ‘common’. But there are plenty that are recognizable and can be worked into the general conversation if we make the effort to use them correctly. It can also be fun to expand your vocabulary and make your sentences sound even more interesting.

Below is a list of some common X verbs and their meanings:

  • To xylophone– to play the instrument called the xylophone.
  • To Xerox– to copy a document using the Xerox process.
  • To X-ray– to examine or photograph something with an X-ray machine.
  • To X-out– to cross something off with the letter X.
  • To xerograph– to make a xerographic copy.
  • To xfer– to convey something from one place or person to another.
  • To x-irradiate– to become exposed to the radiation of X-rays.

Verbs that Start with X in Sentences

  • The doctor wants to X-ray your leg to check for any fractures.
  • Can you please Xerox this document for me?
  • The artist plans to xylograph the design onto the wood block.
  • You can x-out any mistakes on the form with a pen.
  • The surgeon will xylotomize the tree to remove the diseased branches.
  • The mechanic x-rayed the engine to locate the problem.
  • The musician played a beautiful melody on the xylophone.
  • The patient received a xenotransplant of a pig’s heart.
  • The sales team wants to xceed their targets this quarter.
  • The gardener used xeriscaping to create a low-water landscape design.


To conclude, there are several verbs that begin with X, though nobody could accuse them of being easy to learn! Some X verbs, like Xerox and xerocopy, are likely to come up in conversation if you work in an office, for example. Or, if you work in or visit a hospital for treatment, you’re likely to be exposed to verbs like X-ray and x-irradiate. Others, like a xylophone, are dependent on your interests.

But the rarity of X verbs is what makes them so fun and challenging to learn and remember. And the more X verbs that you know, the more opportunities you’ll be looking for to slip them into a conversation!

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