80 Ways to Say Congratulations in English (Congratulations Synonyms)

It’s always exciting to achieve a goal or reach a milestone in life. Whether it’s finally getting that promotion at work, buying a new home, or becoming a first-time parent, receiving congratulations from others is one of the best parts. But sometimes, the same old “congratulations” can start to feel a bit stale.

This is why having a range of other phrases to say “congratulations” can be useful. Here are some more formal, informal, and idiomatic ways to say congratulations in English.

Formal Ways to Say Congratulations

List of Formal Ways to Say “Congratulations”

  1. You deserve a pat on the back
  2. So pleased to see you accomplishing great things
  3. Words cannot express how happy I am for you
  4. Much success in your future endeavors
  5. You should feel proud of yourself
  6. We are proud to have you as part of our team
  7. Well done on your achievement
  8. You have every reason to be proud
  9. Kudos on your success
  10. My heartiest congratulations to you
  11. Very best wishes for your success

When and How to Use Some of These Ways

Formal congratulatory phrases can be used in a variety of contexts. Whether it’s a colleague receiving an award for their work, a friend passing an important exam, or even someone graduating from college, these phrases are appropriate to say in all of those situations.

Informal Ways to Say Congratulations

List of Informal Ways to Say “Congratulations”

  1. You absolutely smashed it!
  2. You did it! I knew you could.
  3. Congrats! You totally deserve it.
  4. I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve achieved.
  5. Way to go! You rock!
  6. Good on you for succeeding.
  7. You must be really proud of yourself.
  8. You go, girl/boy!
  9. I’m over the moon for you.

When and How to Use Some of These Ways

Informal congratulatory phrases are best suited for friends, family members, and close colleagues. They can be used in a variety of situations such as someone getting married, having a baby, or accomplishing a difficult task.

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Idiomatic Ways to Say Congratulations

  1. Hats off to you!
  2. You knocked it out of the park.
  3. You’ve hit a home run.
  4. Bravo to you!
  5. It’s well deserved and long overdue.
  6. You’ve definitely earned your stripes.
  7. Good going!
  8. A toast to your success

Professional Ways to Say Congratulations

  1. We are delighted to congratulate you
  2. I extend my sincere congratulations
  3. Heartfelt congratulations on your success
  4. Our warmest congratulations go out to you
  5. Let us join together in congratulating you
  6. With many congratulations on your success
  7. It gives us great pleasure to congratulate you
  8. We are proud to offer our congratulations

No matter the occasion, having a variety of congratulatory phrases to choose from can help you make someone’s day even more special. So the next time someone close to you has a special accomplishment, consider using one of these phrases to show your admiration and appreciation. Congratulations!

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Different Ways to Say Congratulations

List of many different ways to say Congratulations in English. Learn these synonyms for congratulations to increase your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

  1. Respects
  2. Fantastic
  3. Hats off!
  4. Sensational
  5. Well done
  6. Good job!
  7. You rock!
  8. Nice going
  9. Good show!
  10. Good going!
  11. Good for you!
  12. Good on you!
  13. Good one mate!
  14. I am impressed
  15. Way to go
  16. You did it!
  17. You’re a genius!
  18. You’re the best
  19. You’ve got it
  20. Pat on the back
  21. That’s the way
  22. That’s the best ever
  23. You did it that time!
  24. You make it look easy
  25. You really deserved it
  26. You did that very well
  27. What a good try
  28. Many happy returns
  29. That is better than ever
  30. You’re doing a good job
  31. You’re doing beautifully
  32. You’re really growing up
  33. That’s the way to do it
  34. You are very good at that
  35. You’re on the right track now
  36. You’re really going to town
  37. Keep up the good work
  38. That’s the right way to do it
  39. You have done a great job!
  40. You’re getting better every day
  41. You’ve just about mastered that
  42. Nothing can stop you now
  43. That’s the best you’ve ever done
  44. Keep working, you’re getting better
  45. I’m happy to see you working like that.

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