80 Creative Ways to Say Goodbye in English

If you’re learning English, you’ve probably said “goodbye” more times than you can count. It’s a common phrase that we use every day, but did you know that there are many different ways to say goodbye in English? Knowing these alternatives can help you sound more fluent and natural in your conversations.

Other Ways to Say Goodbye in English

Formal Goodbyes

  • Farewell
  • Goodbye
  • Take care
  • Best wishes
  • Until we meet again
  • I look forward to our next meeting
  • Thank you for your time

Informal Goodbyes

  • Bye
  • See ya
  • Catch you later
  • Peace out
  • I’m off
  • Later
  • Bye for now

Emotional Goodbyes

  • I’ll miss you
  • It’s hard to say goodbye
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Don’t forget about me
  • This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later
  • Until next time, take the best of care
  • I hope to see you again soon

Humorous Goodbyes

  • Smell ya later
  • I’m outta here
  • Gotta jet
  • See you on the flip side
  • Be good, and if you can’t be good, be careful
  • Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do
  • Keep it real

Goodbyes for Close Friends and Family

  • Hugs and kisses
  • Love you
  • Take it easy
  • Stay in touch
  • See you soon
  • Bye, love
  • Catch you on the rebound

Professional Goodbyes

  • Regards
  • Sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • I appreciate your time
  • Let’s touch base soon
  • Looking forward to our next collaboration
  • Wishing you a successful quarter

Brief Goodbyes

  • So long
  • Adieu
  • Ciao
  • Au revoir
  • Adios
  • Cheerio

End of Conversation Goodbyes

  • Alright then
  • I guess that’s it
  • I think we’ve covered everything
  • I should let you go
  • Let’s wrap this up
  • I’ll let you get back to it

Goodbyes When Leaving a Place

  • I’m heading out
  • Time to hit the road
  • I’ve got to run
  • Off I go
  • Time to scoot
  • Making my exit

Goodbyes in Written Communication

  • Best regards
  • Kind regards
  • Warm regards
  • Cheers
  • Yours truly
  • Sincerely yours
  • Talk soon

Each of these farewells serves a different purpose, and choosing

the right one can depend on the relationship you have with the person you’re addressing, the setting, and the mood you wish to convey. Here are some additional categories and ways to say goodbye:

When You’re Unsure When You’ll Meet Again

  • Until fate brings us together
  • Until destiny reunites us
  • Let’s hope our paths cross again
  • Someday, somewhere
  • Who knows when we’ll meet again

When Leaving a Job or Moving Away

  • It’s been a pleasure working with you
  • I’ve cherished our time together
  • Here’s to new beginnings
  • Wishing everyone nothing but the best
  • Keep in touch

When Ending a Phone Call or Video Chat

  • Good talking to you
  • I’ll catch you later on
  • Let’s do this again soon
  • Bye for now, talk to you soon
  • That’s my cue to go

Seasonal Goodbyes

  • Have a great summer/winter/spring/fall
  • Enjoy the holiday season
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • Happy holidays, see you next year
  • Stay warm/cool, depending on the season

When You Might Not See Someone for a While

  • Fare thee well
  • Go forth and conquer
  • Keep your chin up until next time
  • Stay strong and carry on
  • Keep on keeping on

When You Want to Leave a Positive Impression

  • It’s been an absolute pleasure
  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our conversation
  • Here’s to a fruitful future
  • Keep shining bright
  • May your journey be smooth

When You’re Saying Goodbye to Children

  • Bye-bye
  • Toodle-oo
  • See you later, alligator
  • After a while, crocodile
  • Hasta la vista, baby

How to Say Goodbye Differently?

Ways to Say Goodbye in English | Goodbye Synonyms ImagePin

  • Bye – this is the simple, short, and sweet version of saying goodbye to someone without being too informal.
  • Goodbye -The basic farewell greeting, suitable for all occasions.
  • Bye-bye– This version is a bit more informal and is best to be used around friends and family.
  • Farewell – This is a formal way to tell someone to be safe while they are away from you.
  • Cheerio – not generally used in the United States but it is another friendly form of goodbye.
  • See you – This is a more formal way of saying ‘see you later’. Used more in a formal sense or workplace.
  • I’m out – this is a very informal way of saying goodbye. It loosely means ‘I’m leaving’. Mostly used with friends or for comedic purposes
  • Take care – this is more so used with family and friends showing care for those who are leaving.
  • Take it easy – this phrase is used more often with friends and family, and wishes them less stress while also saying goodbye
  • I’m off – Used in almost any situation, but mostly informal
  • Gotta go! – This is mostly used in the informal sense, which grew in popularity in chat rooms when the short cut ‘g2g’ became popular
  • Good night – Good night is used when well, you want to wish the person a good night. The more informal form of this is just ‘night’ or ‘nighty-night’
  • Bye for now– this is used in an informal setting
  • See you later– This phrase is more often used in an informal setting, like with friends and family.
  • Keep in touch– this is more so used with friends and family who don’t see each other often and wish to keep in contact with them
  • Catch you later– Catch you later means the same thing as ‘see you later’, but it is even more informal.
  • See you soon– this is a more formal way of saying ‘see you later’ or ‘See you’. This is mostly used when you know you will see the other person or group within the next few hours.
  • I gotta take off– a shortened form of ‘I have got to take off’, this phrase is used for informal situations, implying a sense of urgency in their exit.
  • Talk to you later– talk to you later is mostly used in the same way as the phrase ‘see you later’. The shortcut ‘ttyl’ is also a way of saying ‘talk to you later’
  • See you next time– this phrase is used when you know you that you will see the other person or party again, but you are not sure when that next time will be.
  • Have a good one – this is a time-neutral way to tell someone goodbye. This is a formal way to say goodbye as well.
  • Have a good (nice) day– This is a formal way to tell someone goodbye. This is used when you say goodbye to someone when a majority of the day has yet to pass.
  • I’ve got to get going/ I must be going– This is an informal way of telling someone goodbye while also providing a sense of urgency. This is a longer form of ‘gotta go’ and generally means the same thing.

Formal Ways to Say Goodbyes

In formal settings, it’s important to use appropriate language to convey respect and professionalism. Here are some ways to say goodbye in formal settings:

  • Goodbye
  • Farewell
  • Until we meet again
  • It was a pleasure meeting you
  • I look forward to our next meeting
  • Take care
  • Thank you for your time

Informal Ways to Say Goodbyes

When it comes to informal goodbyes, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of the words you can use. Here are some common ways to say goodbye to different types of people in your life:


  • “Later!” or “Catch you later!”
  • “See ya!” or “See you later!”
  • “Take care!” or “Take it easy!”
  • “Peace!” or “Peace out!”
  • “Bye for now!” or “Until next time!”


  • “Bye!” or “Goodbye!”
  • “See you soon!” or “See you later!”
  • “Take care!” or “Be safe!”
  • “Love you!” or “Take care of yourself!”


  • “Nice to meet you!” or “Good meeting you!”
  • “It was good seeing you!” or “Nice seeing you!”
  • “Have a good one!” or “Take care!”
  • “Until next time!” or “See you around!”

Digital Ways to Say Goodbyes

In today’s digital age, we often find ourselves saying goodbye through various digital platforms. Here are some ways to say goodbye in different digital contexts.


When ending an email, it’s important to leave a good impression. Here are some ways to say goodbye in emails:

  • Best regards
  • Sincerely
  • Thank you
  • Take care
  • Kind regards
  • Warmly
  • Cheers
  • All the best

Remember to choose a closing that matches the tone and formality of your email.

Text Messages

Text messages are a quick and easy way to communicate, but they can also be informal. Here are some ways to say goodbye in text messages:

  • Bye
  • Cya (see ya)
  • Ttyl (talk to you later)
  • Gtg (got to go)
  • Later
  • Hmu (hit me up)
  • Peace out

Again, consider the tone and context of your text message before using these phrases.

Goodbye Synonyms with Examples


  • Example: I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye!


  • Example: It’s time for me to leave, goodbye!


  • Example: I’ll see you at the party, bye-bye!


  • Example: Farewell – “I’m moving to a new city, farewell my friends.


  • Example: Cheerio – “Cheerio, see you at the concert!

See you

  • Example: I’ll see you at the game, see you!

I’m out

  • Example: I’m finished with this meeting, I’m out.

Take care

  • Example: Drive safely, take care.

Take it easy

  • Example: Take it easy, we should talk later.

I’m off

  • Example: I’m leaving now, I’m off.

Gotta go!

  • Example: I have to leave, gotta go!

Good night

  • Example: I’m going to bed, good night!

Bye for now

  • Example: I’ll talk to you later, bye for now!

See you later

  • Example: I’ll see you at the movie, see you later!

Keep in touch

  • Example: Don’t forget to call me, keep in touch!

Catch you later

  • Example: I’ll catch up with you later, catch you later!

See you soon

  • Example: I’ll see you at the party, see you soon!

I gotta take off

  • Example: I have to leave now, I gotta take off.

Talk to you later

  • Example: I’ll call you tomorrow, talk to you later.

See you next time

  • Example: I’ll see you at the game, see you next time!

Have a good one

  • Example: Enjoy your day, have a good one!

Have a good (nice) day

  • Example: Have a nice day, darling.

I’ve got to get going/ I must be going

  • Example: I have to leave now, I’ve got to get going.

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