23 Ways to Say Goodbye in English

Learn different ways to say Goodbye in English.

Smart Ways to Say Goodbye


  • Example: Kitty waves and says, “Bye everyone”.


  • Example: We just want to say goodbye to you.


  • Example: Bye-bye, take care, now.


  • Example: This is a farewell party.


  • Example: Cheerio! Have a good trip!

See you

  • Example: Ok, see you tomorrow.

I’m out

  • Example: You guys are so noisy, I’m out.

Take care

  • Example: Take care girls, have fun.

Take it easy

  • Example: Take it easy, we should talk later.

I’m off

  • Example: Well whatever, I’m off to bed.

Gotta go!

  • Example: Come on, guys, we gotta go!

Good night

  • Example: Good night! Have a sweet dream honey.

Bye for now

  • Example: Bye for now, I will call you later.

See you later

  • Example: I am busy now, see you later.

Keep in touch

  • Example: Keep in touch and talk to you soon.

Catch you later

  • Example: I have to go now—catch you later.

See you soon

  • Example: See you soon. Jane

I gotta take off

  • Example: I can’t stay. I gotta take off.

Talk to you later

  • Example: I am tired so talk to you later.

See you next time

  • Example: Sorry, I can’t stay anymore, see you next time.

Have a good one

  • Example: Sounds great, Tom. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Have a good one!

Have a good (nice) day

  • Example: Have a nice day, darling.

I’ve got to get going/ I must be going

  • Example: I must be going now.

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23 Smart Ways to Say Goodbye in English

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