35 Useful Ways to Say “I’M SORRY” in English

Different Ways to Say “I’m Sorry” in English You Should Know.

What to Say Instead of “I’m Sorry”

  • Excuse me
  • Ever so sorry.
  • How stupid / careless / thoughtless of me.
  • I apologize.
  • I had that wrong.
  • I hope you can forgive me.
  • I owe you an apology.
  • I sincerely apologize.
  • I take full responsibility.
  • I want to apologize.
  • I wanted to tell you I’m sorry.
  • I was wrong on that.
  • I’d like to apologize.
  • I’d like to apologize for how I reacted yesterday.
  • I’m (so/very/terribly) sorry.
  • My apologies.
  • My fault, bro (US)
  • My mistake.
  • Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry. I should have watched where I was going.
  • Oh, my bad.
  • Pardon (me)
  • Please accept our (sincerest) apologies.
  • Please don’t be mad at me.
  • Please excuse my (ignorance)
  • Sorry about that.
  • Sorry, my apologies. I had that wrong.
  • Sorry. It was all my fault.
  • That was wrong of me.
  • That’s my fault.
  • Whoops! Sorry!
  • I beg your pardon
  • My bad (US)
  • Excuse me for interrupting.
  • I was wrong. Can you forgive me?
  • Pardon me for being so rude.

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Ways to Say "I'm Sorry"

Ways to Say "I'm Sorry"

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