55 Alternative Ways To Say NO to People

Learn many different Ways to Say NO in English with pictures.

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Other Ways to Say NO in English

1. Nah

2. Nope

3. No way

4. Sorry

5. Not now

6. Certainly not

7. By no means

8. I shall not

9. Not likely

10. No thanks!

11. I think not.

12. Unfortunately not

13. I’m slammed

14. Not possible

15. Not this time

16. Not for me, thanks

17. It’s not my thing

18. I think I’ll pass.

19. Not today, thanks

20. I wish I could but…

21. I’m taking sometime

22. Maybe another time

23. I’m not interested

24. If only I could!

25. If only it worked

26. I’ll need to bow out

27. I’m afraid I can’t

28. I have something else

29. I don’t think I want to

30. Thanks, but no thanks

31. Rats! Would’ve loved to

32. Not now, but another time

33. I’m honored, but I can’t

34. I wish I were able to

35. Damn! Not able to fit it in

36. I won’t be able to help

37. I’d love to – but can’t

38. I’d rather not, thanks

39. I wish I could make it work

40. I wish there were two of me

41. I find the idea undesirable

42. Apologies, but I can’t make it.

43. I’m not able to make that time

44. I’m booked into something else

45. Sadly I have something else

46. Sounds great, but I can’t commit.

47. No thank you, but it sounds lovely

48. We appreciate the offer, however…

49. Unfortunately, it’s not a good time

50. No thanks, I won’t be able to make it

51. Thanks for thinking of me but I can’t

52. No thanks, I have another commitment

53. I appreciate your time, but no thank you

54. I’m not really into it, but thanks for asking!

55. I’m not taking on anything else right now.

55 Ways to Say NO | Pictures

Different Ways to Say NO | Image 1

Ways of Saying NO

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Ways of Saying NO

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