180+Synonyms for “Went” with Examples | Another Word for “Went”

If you’re looking for synonyms of “went” in English, you’ve come to the right place. “Went” is a common verb used to describe movement from one place to another. However, using the same word repeatedly can get monotonous and boring. That’s where synonyms come in handy.

Went Synonyms

180+Synonyms for “Went” with Examples | Another Word for “Went”

Went Meaning

“Went” is the past tense of the verb “go.” It means to move from one place to another, to travel, to leave, or to proceed.


  • The team went on a thrilling adventure through the dense jungle.
  • He went to the gym every morning to work out.
  • They went to the beach and enjoyed a relaxing day by the sea.
  • The cat went outside to explore the garden.

List of Synonyms for Went

  • Advanced
  • Ambled
  • Ascended
  • Abandoned
  • Access
  • Accorded
  • Accuse
  • Actuated
  • Agreed
  • Appear
  • Arrive
  • Avoid
  • Become
  • Beget
  • Begin
  • Blow
  • Bore
  • Bounce
  • Break
  • Budged
  • Bury
  • Bust
  • Check
  • Chill
  • Chimed
  • Circuited
  • Circumvent
  • Come
  • Commence
  • Complete
  • Concerned
  • Contain
  • Continue
  • Correlated
  • Corresponded
  • Coursed
  • Cruised
  • Decamped
  • Depart
  • Departed
  • Disappear
  • Disappeared
  • Dissolved
  • Down
  • Embarked
  • Encase
  • Enclose
  • Endure
  • Engender
  • Engulf
  • Entomb
  • Envelop
  • Envelope
  • Escape
  • Evade
  • Evanesced
  • Evaporated
  • Exceed
  • Existed
  • Exit
  • Exited
  • Expire
  • Faded
  • Fared
  • Father
  • Fire
  • Fitted
  • Flap
  • Fled
  • Flew
  • Flied
  • Float
  • Flowed
  • Follow
  • Goes to
  • Going to
  • Gone
  • Happen
  • Harmonized
  • Have
  • Hid
  • Hidden
  • Hire
  • Hop
  • Hopped
  • Inhered
  • Involve
  • Jaunted
  • Journey
  • Jump
  • Junketed
  • Kill
  • Knock
  • Leap
  • Leave
  • Left
  • Make
  • Matched
  • Meet
  • Melted
  • Move
  • Moved
  • Occur
  • Orbit
  • Output
  • Overcome
  • Overtake
  • Overturn
  • Pack
  • Parted
  • Passed
  • Passed away
  • Peregrinated
  • Proceed
  • Proceeded
  • Processed
  • Provide
  • Pull
  • Quit
  • Rambled
  • Ran
  • Ranged
  • Reach
  • Referred
  • Regarded
  • Release
  • Relocated
  • Repaired
  • Resided
  • Return
  • Roamed
  • Roved
  • Sailed
  • Sank
  • Seat
  • Set
  • Shell
  • Shift
  • Shifted
  • Shirk
  • Shoot
  • Sidestep
  • Sightsaw
  • Skip
  • Smooth
  • Spawn
  • Start
  • Stirred
  • Stroke
  • Submit
  • Suited
  • Sunk
  • Surpass
  • Surrender
  • Surround
  • Swaddle
  • Swung
  • Take
  • Touched
  • Toured
  • Transcend
  • Transfer
  • Transform
  • Transited
  • Travel
  • Travelled
  • Traverse
  • Traversed
  • Trekked
  • Utilize
  • Vanished
  • Vested
  • Visit
  • Voyaged
  • Walked
  • Wandered
  • Wended
  • Went off
  • Withdrawn
  • Withdrew
  • Wrap

Types of Synonyms for Went

Verbs of Motion

  • Advanced
  • Departed
  • Traveled

Verbs of Departure

  • Left
  • Fled
  • Vanished

Verbs of Continuation

  • Proceeded
  • Moved.

Verbs of Arrival

  • Came
  • Passed

Common Synonyms for Went

Went vs. Traveled

“Traveled” is a common synonym for “went” and is often used when referring to a journey or trip. While “went” simply implies movement from one place to another, “traveled” suggests a purposeful journey, often involving a longer distance or multiple destinations.

  • She went to the store to buy groceries and then went to the post office to mail a package.
  • They traveled to Europe last summer, visiting several countries and experiencing different cultures along the way.

Went vs. Passed

“Passed” is another common synonym for “went,” and is often used when referring to a specific point in time. While “went” implies movement in a general direction, “passed” suggests moving past a particular point or location.

  • She went to the park to meet her friends.
  • The train passed through the tunnel on its way to the next station.

Went vs. Left

“Left” is a synonym for “went” that suggests a departure from a particular location or situation. While “went” simply implies movement in a general direction, “left” suggests a deliberate decision to move away from something or someone.

  • They went on a vacation to the beach.
  • The bus left the station right on time.

Synonyms for Went in Different Contexts

In Informal Conversation

  • Bolted: When the alarm went off, I bolted out of bed and rushed to get ready for work.
  • Split: As soon as the party got boring, you split without even saying goodbye.
  • Took Off: After finishing his meal, he took off without waiting for the check.
  • Headed: I headed over to the store to pick up some groceries.
  • Bounced: He bounced over to his friend’s house to hang out.
  • Rolled: They rolled down the hill, laughing all the way.
  • Dipped: She dipped out of the party early to get some rest.
  • Jetted: We jetted off to the beach for the weekend.

In Formal Writing


  • Embarked upon: You embarked upon a journey to find the truth.
  • Initiated: The company initiated an investigation into the matter.
  • Undertook: The team undertook a comprehensive analysis of the data.
  • Commenced: The project commenced on schedule.


  • Proceeded: The meeting proceeded as planned.
  • Advanced: The negotiations advanced to the next stage.
  • Continued: The discussion continued for several hours.
  • Progressed: The project progressed smoothly.


  • Began: The event began promptly at 7 pm.
  • Started: The race started at the sound of the gun.
  • Initiated: The committee initiated a review of the policy.
  • Launched: The company launched a new product line.

Descriptive Narrative

  • Crept: The cat crept silently through the grass, stalking its prey.
  • Scurried: The mice scurried across the kitchen floor, searching for crumbs.
  • Galloped: The horse galloped across the field, its mane flying in the wind.
  • Slid: The sled slid down the hill, leaving a trail in the snow.
  • Glided: The swan glided gracefully across the lake, its feathers ruffling in the breeze.

Absolute and Near Synonyms for Went

Absolute Synonyms for Went

Synonym Meaning
Departed To leave a place
Left To go away from a place
Moved To change position or location
Traveled To go on a journey or trip
Walked To move on foot
Proceeded To move forward

Near Synonyms for Went

Word Meaning
Fled To run away from something or someone out of fear or danger.
Ran To move quickly on foot.
Came To arrive at a place.
Wandered To move aimlessly or without a specific destination.
Journeyed To travel a long distance, usually for a specific purpose.
Ventured To go somewhere that may be dangerous or unfamiliar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some synonyms for ‘went’ in English?

There are many synonyms for the verb ‘went’ in English. Some common ones include ‘proceeded’, ‘progressed’, ‘came’, ‘marched’, ‘forged’, ‘fared’, ‘got along’, ‘advanced’, ‘gained ground’, ‘travelled’, ‘speeded’, and ‘moved’. Using synonyms can help add variety to your writing and make it more interesting to read.

What is the other form of ‘went’?

The other form of ‘went’ is ‘gone’. ‘Gone’ is the past participle of ‘go’, and is used in the present perfect tense. For example, “I have gone to the store.”

What is another word for ‘went with’?

Another word for ‘went with’ is ‘accompanied’. For example, “She accompanied him to the party.”

What is a synonym for ‘went into’?

A synonym for ‘went into’ is ‘entered’. For example, “He entered the room quietly.”