WMAF Meaning: What Does WMAF Mean and Stand For?

WMAF Meaning! WMAF  is a recent acronym that sees plenty of use online. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the acronym with useful definition and example conversations in English.

WMAF Meaning

What Does WMAF Mean?

WMAF stands for “White Male, Asian Female”. A WMAF is defined as an unhealthy relationship between a Caucasian man and an Asian woman. The man is involved with the woman only because he sees her as an exotic sex object while the woman has a hatred of men of her own race and wishes to be white. Not every relationship between Caucasian men and Asian women are like this, of course.

Origin of WMAF 

The origin of the acronym stems from message boards of dubious nature. Some users would complain about their love life and how no Caucasian women would want to date them and so they would only want to date Asian women instead. Other times, the users would complain how Caucasian women weren’t their type and only Asian women were, with the correlation that Asian women were the same as the women seen in anime; which is Japanese cartoons. Meanwhile, as found on dating websites, women of Asian descent tended to overwhelmingly prefer non-Asian men. Why this was is for a variety of reasons, but eventually, the two groups mixed. While many of these relationships ended on positive notes, a few did not or the man would boast online about how great it was compared to a Caucasian woman regardless if he or the woman were actually happy or not. Due to increased political polarization in American during the late 2010s, WMAF began to see plenty of usage online as a negative slang word; that such a couple are never happy, that they “ruin” one race or the other, that the men only date Asian women because they can’t find Caucasian women, etc.

Other Meanings

There are no other recorded meaning of this slang.

Conversation Examples

Online Discussion

  • User 1: “I’d love to date an Asian chick.”
  • User 2: “To become a WMAF?”
  • User 1: “A what?”
  • User 3: “White Male, Asian Female. You think dating her be like anime and you’d spend all day making fun of Asian men and white women.”
  • User 2: “Yeah. Never go full WMAF.”
  • User 1: “What? No no no. I just want to date an Asian girl because all the white girls are b*****.”
  • User 3: “That’s a WMAF talking right there.”

Message Board

  • Post 1: “Describe the most cringe thing that ever happened to you in high school.”
  • Post 2: “When I was in high school we had this WMAF. The dude was this scrawny guy and the girl was cute. She actually ended up with an Asian dude. Anyways they’d spend all lunch talking about how bad everyone else was and why they’re the best couple ever.”
  • Post 3: “That’s cringe. But how cringe is it to you?”
  • Post 4: “Did the dude end up with no one?”
  • Post 5: “You didn’t let me finish. I had to sit next to the f**** everyday and listen to them b****. They were honestly the worst people ever. The guy ended up with a Mexican chick and would talk trash about Asians. Like said, the worst.”

Other Ways to Say the Slang Word

Like all acronyms, WMAF can be spelled with both all lowercase or capital letters. When spelled out as “White Man, Asian Female” the comma can be removed to make “White Male Asian Female.”

WMAF Meaning Infographic

WMAF Meaning: What Does WMAF Mean and Stand For?Pin

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3 months ago

Whoever wrote this is comically bitter at the idea that an Asian woman and a White man could possibly.. just love each other.
“you’d spend all day making fun of Asian men and white women” l**o what
Aren’t you sort of doing the opposite with these articles?
Why does WMAF implicitly imply some weird fetish to you, but AMWF is perfectly absent of that?

1 month ago

#jealousMrLee 😃😄

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