Women in the Family Vocabulary in English (with Pictures)

Women in the Family! Learn a useful list of female members in family with pictures and examples to increase your family vocabulary in English. There are a whole range of women in any family, from mothers to aunts and sisters to nieces but are you able to correctly identify a female family member using these nouns? In this section, you will be shown how to refer to each of the female family members, adding words to your English vocabulary and giving you the advantage of sounding much more like a native speaker. This will also prove useful when meeting new people and hearing about their own female family members.

Women in the Family Vocabulary

List of Female Members in the Family

  • Great-grandmother
  • Mother/ Mom/ Mommy
  • Cousin
  • Niece
  • Daughter
  • Aunt
  • Girl twins
  • Girl
  • Sister
  • Girlfriend
  • Wife
  • Teen

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List of Women in the Family with Pictures


– This gold watch was handed down from my great-grandmother.

Mother/ Mom/ Mommy

– I used to stay up late with my mom/ mother/ mommy and watch movies.


– My cousin remembered me in her will.


– He has a pretty niece.


– May I speak with your daughter?


– She wrote to her aunt in America.

Girl twins

– The girl twins look alike, but they differ in temperament.


– The girl bought a nice handbag.


– I share a bedroom with my sister.


– I saw Bob in town with his girlfriend.


– A good husband makes a good wife.


– She went through an identity crisis in her teens.

Women in the Family | Image

Women in the Family Vocabulary in English

Members of the Family in English

Learn useful list of family members in English with pictures.

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