Women’s Heels Vocabulary in English | Types of Heels

Women had many different kinds of shoes, heels. Platform heels, high heels, kitten heels are Women’s heels.

Different Types of Women’s Heels


– The Lita are a perfect fit.

Laced booties

– My Laced booties were so tight that I could hardly walk.

Court shoes (U.K) – Pumps (U.S)

– I’ve got my court shoes and I’m good to go.


– Her wedges chafed the skin on her feet.

Mary Jane platforms

– These new Mary Jane platforms are not very comfortable.

Platform heels

– Paula’s wearing a very snazzy pair of platform heels!

Cone heels

– She took off her cone heels and wriggled her toes.


– She was wearing a short skirt and stilettos.

High heels

– She teetered along in her high heels.

Scarpin heels

– How many pairs of scarpin heels do you have?

Kitten heels

– These kitten heels need to be repaired.

Almond-toe pumps

– Those new almond-toe pumps blistered her toes.

Platform pumps

– The size is so small that I can’t force my feet into the platform pumps.

Ballet flats

– How do you like my new ballet flats?

Mary Janes

– Mother bought her a pair of Mary Janes.

Women’s Heels Vocabulary in English | Picture

Women's Heels Vocabulary in English | Types of Heels

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