30 Special Words Ending in QI in English

Words ending in QI! Words are very much a part of our daily lives. The fun part with words is that we don’t even consider what combination of letters makes up the words. Many people often wonder how to spell words. Words that end in QI are part of this as well, making up many different combinations of letters to form words.

They are actually a very uncommon combination of words and letters. Here we talk about some of the best words that end in QI while also mentioning a list of words ending in QI you can use in your daily lives. With that out of the way, let us take a look at words that end in QI.

Words Ending in QI

What Are Words that End in QI?

Words that end in QI, as mentioned before, are an uncommon combination of letters that form words, but the words end in QI. The common thing with QI words is that most commonly, they end in QI. The other common thing with words that end in QI is that they are commonly acronyms.

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2 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Qi

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3 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • AQI
  • CQI
  • FQI
  • OQI
  • UQI

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4 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Puqi
  • UIQI

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5 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Araqi
  • Banqi
  • Iraqi

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6 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Bageqi
  • Sadiqi
  • Sharqi
  • Sidiqi
  • Urumqi

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7 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Farooqi
  • Huangqi
  • Siddiqi
  • Xiangqi
  • Yilkiqi

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8 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Krasniqi
  • Wulumuqi

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9 Letter Words that End in Qi

  • Puqiakeqi

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Word that End in QI with Meanings

Here are some words that end in QI:

Qi – This word is a variant of the word chi.

Iraqi – A person who is native to the country Iraq, or who has ancestry to the people of Iraq. Of or relating to the people of Iraq, its culture, and language.

Urumqi – A city in the northwest of China. It is in the Tian Shan and the capital of Xinjiang.

Banqi – It is a type of Chinese Chess with two players. Also known as half chess, dark chess, or blind chess. It is played on a 4×8 chess board, which is half the size of a typical Chinese Chess board. This is typically looked at as a fast version of chess, as it usually only lasts around 20 minutes. But it can last as long as an hour.

LGBTQI – An acronym. It means “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex”.

UQI – An acronym which means Urban Quality Indicators.

CIAQI– An acronym which means Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector or Investigator.

UIQI – An acronym which means Universal Image Quality Index.

NWHQI – An acronym which means National Women’s Health Quality Initiative.

SHCPQI – An acronym which means Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement.

NJDWQI – An acronym which means New Jersey Drinking Water Quality Institute.

ORBWQI – An acronym which means Oldman River Basin Water Quality Initiative (Canada).


We discussed words that end in QI. We also discussed what types of words end in QI and also mentioned what exactly those words are. We also gave a list of words that end in QI. We found some of them are vey uncommon, being a rare set of letters together.

We found that commonly, words that end with QI are usually acronyms as well. We hope you learned something new with this article and learned a few new words to use around your friends because we sure did.

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