45 Unique Words that End in V in English

A comprehensive list of words that end in V in English. V is the fifth-to-last letter in the English alphabet and it is very rare to find a word that ends with the letter v. Although the /v/ sound is often heard in numerous English words, most of these words are spelled with v then followed with an e in the end.

Words That End In V

If you’re stuck with a letter V tile while playing scrabble, then you would most definitely hope to get a letter E tile to form a word. Below is a short list of unique words that end with the letter V that will help you form a word with or without the letter E tile.

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From chiv to vav, let’s take a look at the words that end with the only letter in the English alphabet that is never silent, the letter V.

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Words that End in V

2 Letter Words that End in V

  • Iv
  • Mv
  • Tv
  • Uv

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3 Letter Words that End in V

  • Dev
  • Div
  • Gov
  • Guv
  • Lav
  • Lev
  • Luv
  • Nav
  • Pav
  • Rav
  • Rev
  • Sav
  • Sev
  • Sov
  • Tav
  • Vav
  • Bev
  • Fav

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4 Letter Words that End in V

  • Chiv
  • Derv
  • Grav
  • Mirv
  • Perv
  • Shiv
  • Spiv
  • Erev
  • Eruv
  • Marv

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5 Letter Words that End in V

  • Ollav
  • Schav
  • Indiv
  • Kiruv
  • Lulav

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6 Letter Words that End in V

  • Improv
  • Maglev
  • Moshav
  • Satnav
  • Abbrev
  • Aircav
  • Whatev

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7 Letter Words that End in V

  • Isogriv

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8 Letter Words that End in V

  • Mazeltov
  • Stotinov
  • Tolarjev
  • Listserv
  • Mazeltov
  • Stotinov
  • Tolarjev

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9 Letter Words that End in V

  • Leitmotiv

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10 Letter Words that End in V

  • Alexandrov
  • Gorbachyov
  • Hrvatislav
  • Hrvatoslav
  • Khrushchev
  • Khrushchov
  • Kolmogorov
  • Kouznetsov
  • Mendeleyev
  • Mutallibov
  • Narodoslav
  • Nazarbayev
  • Vjenceslav
  • Vladimirov
  • Vyacheslav
  • Zemljoslav

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11 Letter Words that End in V

  • Kalashnikov

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Words Ending In V with Meanings and Examples

Common Words That End In V with Examples

Word Example Sentence
Rev She couldn’t wait to rev the engine of her new sports car.
Shiv The inmate fashioned a shiv out of a toothbrush and used it to threaten another prisoner.
Improv The actors did a great job with their improv skit.
Curv The curv of the road made it difficult to see around the corner.
Guv In British slang, “guv” is a term of address for a man in a position of authority.

Unique Words That End In V with Meanings

Word Meaning
Shiv A homemade knife or blade, typically made by prisoners
Spiv A person who lives by their wits, often by dishonest or illegal means
Erev The Jewish term for the period of time immediately preceding a holiday or Shabbat
Eruv A Jewish legal enclosure that allows activities within its borders that are normally prohibited outside of it on the Sabbath
Marv Short for marvelous, meaning extremely pleasing or delightful
Mazeltov A Yiddish and Hebrew expression of congratulations or good luck
Stotinov A unit of currency used in some Slavic countries, equal to one hundred of the standard monetary unit
Tolarjev The plural form of the Slovenian currency unit, the tolar
Listserv An electronic mailing list or discussion forum, typically used for group communication

Cool Words that End in V with Their Meanings

  • Chiv: variant of chive which is a flowering plant used as a culinary herb
  • Derv: a slang term for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle
  • Dev: an abbreviation for deviation
  • Div: an abbreviation for divided, dividend, or division
  • Gov: an abbreviation for government or governor
  • Grav: the abbreviation for gravida which is a medical term used in combination with the specific number of pregnancies a woman has had
  • Guv: a form of address given to a male customer
  • Improv: short term for improvisation which typically refers to the theatrical technique done by performers
  • Isogriv: it refers to the points of uniform grid variation connected by a line on a chart or map
  • Kalashnikov: any of the series of Russian assault rifles originally designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov
  • Lav: an abbreviation for lavatory
  • Leitmotiv: it refers to the recurring theme of a musical or literary composition
  • Lev: monetary unit of Bulgaria
  • Listserv: it refers to software that allows a user to easily send electronic mails to a list of subscribers
  • Luv: the informal spelling of love
  • Maglev: the type of technology used in train transportation
  • Mazeltov: a Jewish term used to express congratulations or in wishing someone good fortune
  • Mirv: a missile with more than one warhead
  • Moshav: it refers to the farmer cooperative or farming community in Israel
  • Nav: an abbreviation for naval or navigation
  • Ollav: In ancient Ireland, it is a term used for a learned or knowledgeable man
  • Pav: short term for pavlova which is a meringue-based dessert topped with whipped cream and fruit
  • Perv: a slang term for pervert
  • Rav: In Judaism, it is a form of address given to a rabbi or spiritual teacher
  • Rev: a revolution of an engine or motor per minute
  • Satnav: short term for satellite navigation
  • Sav: a seasoned red pork sausage
  • Schav: a cold soup in Jewish or Eastern European Cooking
  • Sev: an Indian snack made out of thin, long strands of gram flour
  • Shiv: a knife or razor improvised to create a bladed weapon
  • Sov: a pound sterling
  • Spiv: an unemployed man who earns money through wits and disreputable dealings
  • Tav: the last and final letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  • Vav: the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet

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